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9 Ways FlexiSpot Can Improve Your Work-Life (and more!)

07 May 2022

FlexiSpot works to imagine, design and bring to life ergonomic solutions that help people lead a healthier and more productive life. With many of us still working at home (even if in a hybrid fashion), we have more control over our work environments than ever before. And FlexiSpot can help in more ways than you might think!
Here are ten ways in which FlexiSpot can help you improve your work-life (and much more!):

#1 FlexiSpot can help you… Design a Workspace that Suits Your Tastes

Aesthetic appeal can be as important as functionality when purchasing new office furniture, whether it’s for your home office or the company office. Customisation is important for helping your new desk fit in with the existing decor and your tastes.
FlexiSpot desks come in a wide range of interchangeable styles, colours, materials and sizes to meet your needs and preferences. Whether you like a sleek monochrome look, the elegance of marble or the texture of real wood, FlexiSpot has you covered.
See FlexiSpot’s helpful buyer’s guide to view all of the combinations and styles on offer.

#2 FlexiSpot can help you… Organise Your Workspace

A tidy and well-organised workspace can work wonders for your productivity and mood. FlexiSpot offers multiple storage and organisation solutions, from drawers and pegboards to cable ducts for hiding untidy wires.

Ranging from sleek black, neutral woods and minimalist white, there are storage options to suit all design tastes. Equally, all sized offices are considered as under-desk drawers are available in a large pedestal version or a small floating option for keeping smaller items secure.

#3 FlexiSpot can help you… Create an Ergonomic Workspace

Ergonomic office furniture can help to increase our productivity, boost your mood, and reduce tension in the body. If you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain after working at your desk, it is probably because your setup is not customised to your individual needs.

FlexiSpot has a huge range of options for improving the ergonomic factor of your workspace. Standing desks, monitor stands and ergonomic desk chairs can all have a positive impact on your wellbeing - and there are plenty of options to choose between!

The key to arranging your new ergonomic furniture is all about angles. Adjust your chair until your feet are flat on the floor and your elbows rest comfortably on the armrests. Raise your monitor so that it is at eye-level. Adjust the height of your desk so that your arms rest at a ninety-degree angle as you type.

Aluminum Monitor Mount D7 and Standing Desk Pro Series E7

#4 FlexiSpot can help you… Create an Inspiring Homework Space for Your Child

The Children’s Desk SD01 brings the benefits of a standing desk to smaller sized furniture. With additional features such as curved edging and vibrant colour options, the children’s standing desk will help to create an inspiring, comfortable and ergonomic homework space for your child.

#5 FlexiSpot can help you… Create a Productive Workspace in a Small Space

Even those working at home in a small apartment or confined to a tiny work-designated area can find something to help create a productive workspace. The Height-Adjustable Overbed Table provides a functional and small workspace. FlexiSpot’s L-shaped desk and multiple desk size options are great for filing spaces of any size and shape.

#6 FlexiSpot can help you… Activate Your Leg Muscles While Sitting

Overcoming the soreness of sitting all day by using the Active Seating Chair BH3 to keep your leg muscles active.

#7 FlexiSpot can help you… Reach Your Fitness Goals

Peddle towards your fitness goals on the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. FlexiSpot’s bike chairs can go under your standing desk to allow you to move regularly while you work or can be used anywhere around the house.

#8 FlexiSpot can help you… Find Space for Your Hobbies

In addition to the storage options available (see #2), FlexiSpot’s Studio Standing Desk ESD1 is designed with your hobbies in mind. Featuring additional drawer space and a keyboard tray large enough to fit a piano keyboard - or anything else you might need for your hobbies or job. This standing desk would be great for composing, podcasting, video editing, multi-screen use and much more!

#9 FlexiSpot can help you… Feel Inspired

Check out the FlexiSpot blog for tips on how to use ergonomic furniture, set up a productive workspace, lead a healthier life and more!