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Ergonomic Advice

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/070801.jpg monitor mount

The 3 Overwhelming Benefits of Dual Monitors

Are you beginning to get tad tired of switching screens, downloading documents from different files and tabs? 

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/backpaiworkfromhomeee_1.jpg backpain

How to Work From Home Without Hurting Your Back

Your back, being an important muscle in the body, has the strength and ability to see you through the day.

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/070602.jpg Hemorrhoids

The Painful Facts About Hemorrhoids & Tips to Avoid Them

Since most workers are stuck on their computers all day, some forget to stretch and take a break from time to time, and this might cause a toll on their health – most especially the most affected part from prolonged sitting, our buttocks.

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/070603.jpg butt exercise

How to Get Rid of the Dead Butt Syndrome

It’s sitting. The long hours of being tied down to a chair affect the overall appearance and function of your derriere.

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/0701.jpg Burnout from Work from home

3 Tips to Cope Up with Burnout from Work from home

This 2020, a lot of employees have transitioned from office work to working from home.

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/063001.jpg Foot Pain

How is Foot Pain Related to Low Back Pain?

Do you remember the time you were unable to work properly because of that unbearable pain from time to time?

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/063002.jpg sitting

What are the benefits of active sitting?

According to Healthline, many people now are tethered to a desk for majority of time in a day. 

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/063003.png standing desk and desk bike

Height Adjustable Desk and Underdesk Bike: Essentials for Remote Work

Say “aye” if you have been doing these things: Working from your plush bed or the couch and finishing things without even standing up to stretch once in a while.

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/062401_2.jpg dress up

Dressing Up For When You Are Working From Home

You might want to start dressing up in the morning.

https://flexispot.co.uk/media/magefan_blog/062301.jpg First Standing Desk

The Starter Guide to Your First Standing Desk

You know its time to buy ergonomic furniture when your back starts to ache more than usual from working on your makeshift house workstations.