Ergonomic Advice

Ways to Improve Your Mood While Working Long Hours

Learn to stay positive and motivated at work.

One-on-One Q&A with a FlexiSpot Desk Bike User

Find out what a Flexispot Bike Workstation v9 user has to say about the product.

Tips For Creating a Private Workspace at Home

Increase your productivity and reach your goals by creating an efficient personal work area at home.

13 Essentials I Always Keep at My Desk

People establish perceptions of you based on your workstation.

6 BEST Things to Buy on Black Friday 2021

6 BEST Things to Buy on Black Friday 2021

Workplace Health: 10 Ergonomic Dos and Don'ts

Create a healthier and more productive work environment with these ergonomic workplace ideas.

Reasons Why Working From Home Won't Go Away

Working from home is not going away anytime soon.

Burnout From Working at Home: How to Overcome It

There are a variety of approaches to avoiding burnout.

13 Tips To Do When Working Outside with a Laptop

Here are some tips to combat the most common issues that come with working outside.

5 Features Of An Efficient Hybrid Workplace

A few of the most important things that firms and employees are doing to succeed in a hybrid work environment.

Strategies on How to Stay Active in Your Home Office

Working from home, regrettably, can result in a more sedentary lifestyle.

Consider Ergonomics When Designing Your Workstation

Essential ergonomic design tips for making your home office a healthy environment for you and your family.

16 Tips for Managing a Busy Working Day

Simple ways to successfully complete a busy day at work.

The Benefits of Ergonomics for Productivity

Incorporating ergonomics into the workplace is the right move for all businesses.

Helpful Work-At-Home Ideas For You

Strategies to help you succeed when working from home.

Presenting Yourself Well in a Job Application

What do companies check for in a job application when reviewing candidates?

How Brands Across Ergonomics & Wellness Industry Can Take Green Initiatives

Companies operating in the ergonomic and wellness industry often lean towards green initiatives. FlexiSpot is an excellent example in this regard.

How Remote Workers Can Improve Their Work-Life Balance

With the rise of remote work, many people are struggling to keep their work and personal life separate.

15 Tips For Decorating Your Office

A more inviting and energizingatmoshphere in the office can workwonders.

Strategies for Retaining Talent Who Work Remotely

Unfortunately, many companies do not recognize the value of long-term employees.

The Office Weight-Loss Challenge

If your workplace prioritizes your health, you are employed at the right place!

9 Simple Ways You Can Become Smarter

Tips to improve your cognitive function and raise your IQ.

Health Benefits of Walking

One of the most potent techniques to maintain a healthy weight, stay strong, and live much longer is startlingly easy.

16 Habits to Become Healthier Easily

Explore uncomplicated tactics that can help you develop better routines.

4 Unexpected Effects of Remote Working

While the opportunity to work from home may once have been a tantalising opportunity offered to only a lucky few, the Covid-19 pandemic has pretty much made it the new norm.

Our Evolving Workforce: Why Home Working Is The Future

Working from home, rather than commuting to the office, has been growing in popularity over the past decade. 

A Happier Working Space: How to Transform Your Office

We are going to look at how the working space can be made to be a happy and healthy place for the employees and the transformations that can be done to ensure the working conditions are right for those involved. 

Simple Ways to Design Your Home Office On a Budget

Simple, low-cost home office ideas that will work for you even on a shoestring budget.

10 Easy Steps to Teach Your Child to Save Money

As a parent, it's your responsibility toteach your child the importance and valueof a dollar.

Distance Learning: 9 Tips to Stay Productive While Studying from Home

When you follow these steps, you’ll be able to get your degree or complete an online course to help you reach your goals.

Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Physical Health When Working From Home

There are some simple changes you can make to your lifestyle to ensure your physical health isn’t neglected during this time.

How to Improve the Air Quality in the Workplace

Indoor air pollution is a health problem for many employees, but it can be avoided with proper planning.

Health in the Workplace: Why It Should Be a Priority

Everybody loves working in a stress-free environment that gives them the freedom and the space to breathe.

The Benefits of Urban Gardening

There are numerous health benefits aswell as economic and environmentalreasons to grow your own food.

A Revolutionary Fitness Chair That Gives You a Great Workout at Home

Stay fit and healthy by working out while you work.

Health Risks of Sitting 9-5

Spending less time sitting and more time standing will positively affect your physical and mental health.

How to Boost Employee Motivation

Motivation plays a vital role in your everyday mindset.

Eco-bricks: What, Why, How?

Be mindful of the waste you consume and accumulate in your household.

Standing Desks: Benefits for Children with Special Needs

There are tools out there to help you in parenting your child with ADHD.