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FlexiSpot E7 vs. IKEA BEKANT: Making the Right Choice for Your Workstation
Are you looking for a new flexible workstation? If so, the FlexiSpot E7 and the IKEA BEKANT are two excellent choices. Let's see which is better for you.
13 Oct. 2023|5671
Dream Boldly with Our BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair
Our new brand video explores possibilities to dream boldly with the BS12 Pro ergonomic chair
28 Feb. 2024|219
Viva La Vida: Showcasing The FlexiSpot Recliner X2
Telling the full story of the Recliner X2 - the recliner for athletes! Learn more and find out.
28 Feb. 2024|264
Soaring To New Heights with the E7 Pro Standing Desk
Smash through the finish line with the E7 Pro Standing Desk!
28 Feb. 2024|137
Work Like New, Live Like New
When you work like new, you can learn to live like new - join us at FlexiSpot
27 Feb. 2024|160
Introducing Flexispot's Creative Concept: Behind the Scenes
Exploring our exciting new brand videos and getting behind the scenes of our creative product concepts!
27 Feb. 2024|267
Office Space With an Active Twist
In this article, we'll talk about how you can improve your office space, and waste less of it. So, get ready for your office to change into a lively place where work and health can coexist. Want to bring an active twist to your office space? The standing desks from Flexispot are there to help.
26 Feb. 2024|233
The Saviour of Sedentary People: Unveiling the Health Benefits of Height-Adjustable Desks
A height-adjustable desk can help you overcome numerous health issues and a sedentary lifestyle. Let's learn more about height-adjustable desks and how they can help you work better and stay healthy.
26 Feb. 2024|256
There Can be Great Wisdom in a Small Space
Let’s try to understand how a small space can be a boon for us in many different ways. This shows that FlexiSpot is committed to making lifestyle products that adapt to the changing needs of modern life along with furniture.
26 Feb. 2024|134