Ergonomic Buyer’s Guide: Standing Desks

There are scores of height adjustable desks out there but you have to know that not everything is created equally! A standing desk may be a little bit expensive than a conventional desk so it’s good to ask “what will it bring me?” 

Why buy a standing desk

  • Helps improve health-- Standing desks can help improve health by encouraging users to stand more and sit less. Prolonged sitting is linked to many ailments such as diabetes, poor blood circulation, and body pains.
  • It helps with posture -- Prolonged sitting can lead to slouching. When this happens, it alters the spine’s alignment and causes other parts of the body to compensate. This can result in poor posture and body pains.
  • Improved productivity -- A pain-free body equates to fewer absences and more time and energy to devote to finish tasks.
  • Weight loss -- Too much sitting promotes a sedentary lifestyle. Studies show that standing for six hours a day could prevent weight gain and help you to shed pounds.
  • Better overall performance -- According to this article,  people who use sit-stand desks were more active at work and better at their jobs than their chair-bound peers. They also experience less job-related fatigue, less daily anxiety, and higher overall quality of life.

Cost and finances

  • A standing desk is a great investment. It can last for years, depending on the way it was used and how it was cared for.
  • Whenever you buy something, do this mental computation: Divide the desk price by the number of days you use it in a year and compare it to something you buy regularly like a cup of coffee or your favorite donut.
  •  Once you enjoy the desk and reap health benefits, you will forget the price and start to appreciate the quality.
  • Generally, buy from a manufacturer that provides long warranty coverage because that shows that the brand stands behind its products. When you buy from FlexiSpot, you can have a five-year warranty for the frame, desktop, and a yearlong warranty for the gas spring system and other mechanisms.
  •  Do your research diligently to know the right specifications for you. You might end up with a desk that is relatively cheap but not sturdy enough to last for years. It’s best to buy a device where you can save yourself from having to buy a new one in the future. 

Main specification differences between desks

  • Basic&Standard&Premium Keypad
  • Anti-collision and no anti-collision
  • Two section vs three section legs
  • Reversed and Enhanced Columns
  • Manual vs Single motor vs dual motor 

Basic keypad

Up or down? No matter-- the choice is yours with this keypad. With its simple up and down buttons, you can raise and lower your desk in a jiffy. It gives you what you need when it comes to the transitions -- nothing more, nothing less.

nhanced Columns

Standard keypad

We get it that you want to get more out of your keypad. So we came up with our standard keypad. With it, you are free to elevate and lower your desk plus save four positions in its memory. You can also identify your exact desk height on the energy-efficient LED display, which automatically enters sleep mode to reduce power when the desk is stationary.

nhanced Columns

And if you have kids milling around your office -- you can activate the desk’s child lock feature.

What’s not to love?

Premium keypad

And then we have the king of all our keypads -- endowed with all the goodness of an advanced gadget. You can move your desk up and down and key in three height adjustment presets. It also has an LED display where you can see your preferred desk height. If you need a reminder to sit and stand, the keypad has a programmable timer that alerts you to switch positions now and then.
When you want to have an ultra techy desk, do it with our premium keypad.

nhanced Columns

Anti-collision and no anti-collision

Make your office a safer place with a desk that has an anti-collision feature. Smart enough to know when it’s headed for trouble, our sit-stand desk has a revolutionary collision-free feature that you will love. It was designed to detect and prevent collision before it happens: When the desk’s sensors get within one inch of the obstruction, the desk automatically stops in mid-motion, preventing any contact from happening.
You can just imagine a desk with no collision-free technology. A manual desk won’t stop even if there’s an obstruction -- making it more prone to damages and office-related injuries.

Two section vs three section legs

We produce powerhouse desks -- with legs that are sturdy, steady, and quick to move.

2-Section Legs

3-Section Legs

Reversed and Enhanced Columns

The lifting column plays a crucial role as the power source in the table lifting process. There are two kinds of columns that you need to know.

Reversed Columns

The first one is the reversed column support. The columns in this unit become thinner as it rises. Desks with this kind of design are perfect if you need something lightweight and fast.

reversed columns

Enhanced Columns

Meanwhile, a desk with enhanced columns can handle more weight but it tends to be slower in movement This is ideal if you have an extensive equipment setup.

nhanced Columns

Manual vs Single motor vs dual motor


Single Moto


Have Your Desk Work For You

Whatever kind of desk you end up using, always remember that when looking for the perfect standing desk, it's all about knowing what works best for you. As discussed, there are many different options when it comes to finding the perfect standing desk. Always remember that your desk should work for you so that you can make the most of your purchases. To see a full breakdown of all the different types of standing desks, checkout this Standing Desk Comparison table, it gives you a full breakdown of each desks’ builds and allows you to choose which works for you best!