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I bought a flexspot after trying a standing desk at work. I must say I LOVE my Flexspot. Assembly was trivial - just sliding the keyboard try into place. it works like a charm and my back feels much better already.

Craig Silver

Used to be so restless while I worked, especially since I've started working from home. This standing desk helps keep me comfortable, plus switching positions is a breeze!


The stand up desk is perfect for that. I have recommended it to my coworkers.


I work from home and have been struggling with back pain from sitting all day and finding it difficult to find time to work out. My FlexiSpot that I ordered on prime day arrived on Monday. Took 3 minutes to set up and I'm obsessed. I'm on it all day when my meetings don't require video (or too much talking). For email and deck writing it keeps me focused on energized. I'm thrilled.

Vicki Haber

Thanks to this standing desk, I actually prefer standing over sitting. I have found that I typically sit in the mornings and then stand in the afternoons after lunch. This habit has definitely made an impact and I'm feeling more energetic in the afternoons. I have been spending a lot of time in zoom meetings lately. I can adjust my standing desk height quietly and seamlessly without anyone even noticing.

Simone Worsdale

I'm so happy with our new desk from FlexiSpotUK which you can move up and down to either sit at or stand up and work. I don't know about you but I don't like sitting for long periods so this is the perfect desk to stretch your legs and continue working.

Kelly Day

Love my new desk from FlexiSpot that adjusts with height so I can paint sitting down or standing up. Can’t wait to get this styled up in my new studio after lockdown.

Harlie Briggs

Loving our new standing desk by FlexiSpot. We are a family that works on the computer all day long and I love this desk because you can raise it to work standing up or you can bring it down and sit.

Ana Isaza Carpio

When I got this perfect standing desk, I turned the corner of our upstairs guest bedroom into an art studio for myself. I’m hoping this inspires me to start some of the projects I’ve been dreaming of.