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It's Time To Throw Away Your Chair

27 Jun. 2022

The day has finally come, you’re going to throw away your chair. Why, you might ask? Your chair has served you faithfully through many days of work, watching YouTube, gaming and online shopping. Well that’s because your chair is actually a saboteur in disguise. Your chair that has carried you for so long is actually playing havoc on your back and neck. All of which is leading towards long term physical and mental issues as well as a great deal of stress.

The Modern Office Chair

The modern office chair, if you’re not just using a regular chair, isn’t really designed to support you sitting all day. With so many of us spending more than 7 hours a day sitting, we need to be more conscious of our posture and how our chair supports us. Modern office chairs aren’t designed ergonomically so whilst they may fulfil the purpose of sitting in them, they aren’t actually supporting you. Like the Brutus to your Julius Caesar, your chair has betrayed you. So it’s time to throw it away. But now begs the question, where will you sit? Standing desks are an increasingly popular option and one we often highly recommend. But today we’re here for our sitting down crew. Let’s talk about ergonomically designed chairs.

Why We Love Ergonomically Designed Chairs

When something isn’t fit for purpose, it’s probably going to end up costing you. Whether that’s in time, money or with your physical and mental health. Cheap cars need fixing more often, cheap food is often bad for your health and cheap technology usually doesn’t work so well. But it’s not just cheap things that don’t do the job they were made for. Sometimes high end over priced branded products are just as incompetent. Ergonomically designed chairs are the wonderful middle ground that keep your wallet, physical health and mental health happy.

Ergonomics aren’t new. It simply means making a product to support the person - rather than expecting a person to adapt themselves to a product. There’s a long history of ergonomics,  but only more recently have we become concerned about integrating it into everyday life as a priority. This is because research continues to show a correlation between poor support and poorly designed furniture, and common back and neck problems. And who wants that in their life? Ergonomically designed chairs support your neck and shoulders with a headrest and support your spine with a backrest. This means that you can sit all day long comfortably without having to worry about your chair stabbing you in the back. And we mean that in as close to a literal sense as possible. As these chairs keep your body safe in an upright position, the stress on your entire body is reduced. What’s more, ergonomically designed chairs come with full adjustability, allowing you to find the right height and fit for your body. Doing so takes pressure off your hips and as a result, reduces the risk of injury. So to summarise, an ergonomic chair will:

● Improve your posture

● Deter any problems with your spine or neck

● Help you feel comfortable all day

● Prevent fidgeting or restless legs

● Improve blood flow

● Improve mental health

So, the benefits are enormous. But where do you find a chair like this and how much do they cost? We’ll explain now…

How Do You Choose an Ergonomically Designed Chair?

You’ve decided to go for an ergonomically designed chair, you and your body deserve it. But how do you choose the right one, other than just picking the most attractive chair or the one that happens to be your favourite colour? Well, let us help you with a few suggestions. First of all, the BackSupport Office Chair BS10 does exactly what the name says. It offers unparalleled support for your back and neck among other things. Not only that but its modern design, lumbar support and full adjustability make it a chair office workers fall asleep picturing themselves in. Maybe you’re looking for something that has just as much style as substance? In that case, we recommend the Flexi-Chair Oka BS9. This chair comes with breathable mesh, high quality cushion padding and everything else that a working ergonomic chair needs.

What Can Flexispot Do For You?

Now you know why an ergonomically designed chair is important, you can send your old, traitorous chair to the bin where it belongs. If you need a hand choosing your chair or would like to learn more about our ergonomically designed furniture, get in touch with us or browse our buyers guide today. We also have a range of other products for your home office such as standing desks, storage boxes, desk organisers and much, much more.

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