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Is Your Office Air Clean?

28 January 2022

While you might give your office a weekly clean, do you ever stop and wonder how clean the air quality is? This is a factor we don’t always remember to check, but it can have effects on our health too. From dust to pet hair, the air we breathe isn’t always as fresh as we think it is.

A common solution for keeping office air clean is to install an air purifier. We’ve investigated the benefits of owning an air purifier, and what other products you can use to make sure the quality of air is better in your home office.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to keep your office air cleaner.  

What Is An Air Purifier?

In case you’re not clear on the function of an air purifier, we’ll quickly explain what this popular device actually does.

The sole aim of an air purifier is to remove any pollutants or impurities from the air, effectively sanitizing your home space. This means any dust, pet hair, or pollen is removed from the room, helping you breathe easier and lowering the effect of any allergies.

While purifiers are very effective, there’s always a chance that some particles or pollutants may still be stuck on surfaces in your house. These machines do decrease the change of allergens though, as pollen and pet dander isn’t floating through your air.

What Are The Key Benefits Of An Air Purifier?

Interested in what this device could do for you? Here are some of the common benefits you’ll experience when you purchase an air purifier.

You love pets but hate allergies

Being allergic to pets is a frustrating issue, especially if you love animals. Animal allergies are typically caused by pet hair, fur, or general pet dander. This is unavoidable when you live with a pet, but luckily an air purifier can help. The device removes the majority of pet allergens from the air and leaves the space cleaner. This lessens allergens and allows those with mild pet allergies to live with a furry friend!

You want your home to smell fresh

Our homes absorb many smells, some wanted and some unwanted. If you’ve noticed that certain smells are sticking to your furniture, you may want to try an air purifier. These devices can reduce odours and leave the air fresher afterwards. Try positioning your air purifier by a door to stop unwanted smells from flowing in.

Added protection for respiratory problems

Certain respiratory issues can be set off by allergens or dust. A key example of this is asthma, as anyone with the condition can suffer from a particle-induced attack. Though these attacks can’t be predicted, steps can be taken to reduce their occurrence. An air purifier is often recommended as it can remove allergens that trigger respiratory attacks. Any pollen, dust, smoke, or dander is removed from the air making it easier for everyone to breathe.

You’ve just moved house

If you’ve just moved home, congratulations! This is an exciting transition and we hope the move went well. One issue to note is that new homes often come with an unfamiliar chemical smell. This is from any renovations or cleaning products used during the selling process. An air purifying device is a great way to reduce this smell and make the air healthier to breathe. This is especially important if you have young children around, as you don’t want them inhaling any harsh chemicals.

Additional Methods Of Keeping Your Office Cleaner

Not ready to invest in an air purifier, but want to keep your office fresh? Here are some alternative ways to keep your home fresh.

Tidy Paperwork Away

One of the main causes of office air pollution is dust. When your home office is a mess, dust is more likely to form and it could set off minor allergies. User a Mesh Desk Organizer to keep your office neat and tidy, whilst also minimizing dust collection.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

If you want to minimize dust and keep your desktop completely clear, an Under Desk Draw might be an appropriate solution for you. This office essentially provides another way to get rid of dust, plus it keeps your desktop minimal too.

Keep Your Floor Clean

One of the main areas where dust and additional particles build up is the floor. While you should try to sweep or vacuum at least once a week, there are other ways you can prevent dust build up here. An Adjustable CPU Holder keeps your CPU off of the floor, preventing any dust from getting caught around it. This also creates more room in your office, ideal for making the most out of a small space.

Ready For Cleaner Air?

Here at Flexispot, we understand the importance of a healthy home. Whether you want cleaner air, a better home gym, or a comfortable office chair, we’ve got your back. Wellness and health are essential to a good world life balance, so remember to keep your office air clean. Find more of our latest product arrivals here.