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How To Keep Kids Entertained During The April Showers

12 April 2022

Goodbye winter, hello Spring.

Spring is a time of beauty and sunshine. It’s a welcomed change after the dark winter days and cold weather. However, April is also known for bouts of rainy weather - often called April Showers.

This is great; on the one hand, it keeps our green area watered and strong. On the other hand, it can leave us stuck inside, and kids get bored.

If you’re still working from home, you might be struggling with entertaining your kids while working. This situation often gets more challenging when the weather is terrible, leading to kids with too much energy and lots of noise.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve compiled the top tips and tricks to help you keep your kids entertained while stuck indoors. Keep reading for some new entertainment to keep your children quiet for hours.

Get Colouring

A typical rainy day activity is colouring. This is an age-old task that has kept generations of kids busy. Most of us will have memories of colouring inside on a rainy day.

If your kids are restless and stuck inside, help them get imaginative with some drawing exercises. This is better than watching TV, as it puts creativity into kids’ hands. When they’re holding the crayons, their brains are working!

Colouring is also a popular way to de-stress. This activity can help younger kids learn how to sit still and focus on one task. It’s almost like meditation, as the brain focuses on one job without distraction.

Play Board Games

This suggestion is another typical rainy day activity, but it’s popular for a reason. Board games don’t need any electricity, plus it stops your children from staring at a screen for hours on end.

Another benefit of playing board games in wet weather is bringing you and your kids closer together. Take some time away from your work and spend some quality time having fun together. Make the most of a rainy day and use the time to bond!

Get Cooking

Though cooking isn’t for everyone, it’s an excellent way to entertain children while it’s rainy outside. From cookies to a full meal, there are tons of fun recipes you can follow.

You can even make this activity a challenge by inspiring kids to create new recipes with the ingredients you have in the cupboards. This will save you from running to the store in the rain too!

This activity is also a great way to teach kids about health and nutrition. We all have to learn how to keep ourselves healthy, so it’s always best to start when young. Combine learning with fun hands-on play in the kitchen.

Expand Their Vocabulary

Nothing is better than curling up with a good book. Reading is a popular indoor activity, so teach your kids the joy of a great story next time it rains. Pair this activity with a few cups of hot cocoa and spend the afternoon enjoying an exciting tale.

Not only will reading together bring you closer, but reading is one of the best ways to expand your mind. Allow your kids to learn and have fun at the same time! If your children are older, take turns reading sections of the book to improve their speaking skills.

Active Play Inside

Indoor activities are usually linked with sitting still, but you don’t necessarily have to stay stationary on a wet day. Encourage your kids to stretch and work out indoors. Of course, you may want to limit movement slightly, so nothing gets broken. However, this is a great way to use their energy and keep them healthy.

Another great way to embrace active play indoors is to find online yoga tutorials. Did you know there are child-friendly yoga classes? You can find hundreds of indoor routines specifically designed for younger audiences on websites such as Youtube.

Get Wet!

There are many indoor play ideas for rainy days, but if your kids feel restless, there’s no harm in letting them play outside. From jumping in puddles to enjoying the way the rain looks, playing outside is a great sensory experience for young kids.

Playing in the rain will leave them fond memories of Spring as they grow older. Just make sure they’re dressed warm and dry for the weather to avoid any colds after!

Some rules are made to be broken, plus a little rain never hurt anyone!

The Bottom Line

Learning to enjoy rainy days is an essential part of childhood. It’s also crucial that younger kids can entertain themselves while you’re working at home. Try out some of these tips next time there’s an April Shower and see how much easier your day is.

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