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Office Chair 101: Everything You Need To Know

06 July 2022

With 81% of UK workers spending between four and nine hours each day sitting at their office desks, purchasing a comfortable and ergonomic office chair is essential. A good office chair will have all the necessary features that will keep you supported in a position of good posture throughout your working day. Good posture can help to minimise your risk of chronic musculoskeletal problems and enhance your work productivity.

When it comes to choosing your office chair, there is an overwhelming choice currently available on the market. You are probably confused as you begin your quest to find the best chair to accompany your office desk. Here, we summarise all the important things that you need to know to find the perfect office chair.

1. Do I Need A Chair With Lumbar Support?

The short answer to this question is yes. A good office chair will have adequate lumbar support to ensure that your spine maintains its natural curvature throughout the day. Without suitable support, your back will begin to slouch and bend over, leading to a whole host of musculoskeletal problems and resulting in chronic pain.

A good quality office chair will have in-built curved lumbar support. This sits against the small of the back and provides additional support to keep your lumbar region in its natural position.

Flexispot’s BackSupport Office Chair BS10 provides modern lumbar support which can be adjusted to tailor it to your specific needs. After all, everyone's body is different, so a good office chair will be fully adjustable and customisable.

2. Are armrests essential?

When hunting for a new office chair, you may have noticed that not all chairs have armrests. So, are armrests essential and how do you know if you need them? While armrests are not essential, they are preferable. Armrests help to maintain good posture by providing a suitable resting point for your arms as you work at your desk. Without armrests, you are likely to rest your arms on your lap, causing you to slouch. This can lead to unwanted back, neck and shoulder pain. If you suffer from regular pain in your neck and shoulder area, then it would be sensible to opt for an office chair with adjustable armrests so that you can find a comfortable and pain-free position for your arms. Some office chairs have foldable armrests, allowing you to transition between having armrests and not, as your tasks require it. Folding armrests up also allows neater storage of your office chair under your desk at the end of the day.

3. Choosing A Fabric

Office chairs are available in several different fabrics, each one with its own advantages. You will want to choose a fabric that is soft, comfortable, breathable, durable and easy to clean. Popular choices of office chair material include fabric, mesh, leather and plastic. The choice of office chair material is unique to each person, so decide what is right for you. Different materials have different price points so check out what is within your budget.

As well as the practicality of the office chair material, you will also want to consider its aesthetics. Some office chairs are available in a range of exciting colours to fit in with your office decor or even add a new and interesting splash of colour. Flexispot’s Flexi-Chair Oka Office Chair BS9 comes in a vibrant shade of orange to brighten up your office space.

4. Height Adjustability Is A Must

Choose an office chair with height adjustability options so that you can tailor it to match your specific height. When set to the correct height, you should be able to place both of your feet flat against the floor so that your knees form a 90-degree bend and your thighs sit parallel to the floor. The easiest method for adjusting your chair quickly and simply is a pneumatic adjustment lever. Make sure your chosen chair has a sufficient adjustability range to allow you to find the perfect height.

5. Check Out The Base

Don’t forget to consider the base of the office chair as you look through your options. A swivel feature allows you to easily change position and reach for things without causing unnecessary strain on your back, neck and shoulders. A wheeled base allows you to be more mobile, for example, to transition easily between your desk and printer. You should think about the flooring in your office. If you have hard flooring, a standard wheelbase will be fine, but if your office is carpeted, you will need to choose wheels that are made specifically to function on the carpet.

Closing Remarks

When finding a suitable office chair, the first thing to do is consider your budget. Ergonomic office chairs are available in a wide range of price points. Think about what features are essential for you and what you could manage without.