Monitor Mount 10"-27" d1d

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Easy height adjustment on the vertical pole

This dual desk mount for PC monitors is height adjustable on the vertical pole, which can Iead to an ergonomical way of your office working. Placing the monitors to the best height and angle on your desk, according to your seat position. Avoid neck, shoulder and back pain by optimizing your posture.

The pole measures 40 cm.

Height adjustable: 20-37 cm Maximum extension for each arm: 38 cm

Fully adjustable arm

This monitor arm can also swivel and tilt to provide you an ideal viewing angle.

Each screen can be tilted 15 degrees up and down, 360 degrees swivel in different parts..

High performance design supports up to 10 kg per monitor

60 degree adjustable plates for the two monitors

Mounting two monitors next to each other with the help of this desk mount. Saves more desk space and fits for diffent needs for the two screens. They can be positioned either horizontal or vertical, 360 degree swivel plates enable you to adjust your monitors whenever.

Easy installation and stable placement

The C-Clamp Base has a built-in double lock that ensures stable mounting on the desk. This dual-monitor stand can be mounted on desktops up to 10 cm thick. The arms are supplied by clips with easy cable management.