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Mesh Desk Organizer DO01



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    Enjoy a clutter-free workspace

    A clean and tidy desk improves work efficiency and eliminates stress. The FlexiSpot Mesh Desk Organizer can help you in this aspect. With it, you can add more storage space to your standing desk. Just put it in a corner, so you have enough space to hold your office/home/school essentials sans the clutter.

    DO01 EBC01
    Space saving design

    The FlexiSpot Mesh Desk Organizer is easy to assemble and boasts of many storage spaces. It has a three-tier space-saving design complete with a three-compartment sliding drawer and a vertical shelf at the back. The side frames are designed for easy lifting and handling.

    DO01 EBC02

    The mesh desk accessory drawers can be used separately and are ideally used to hold stationery and small trinkets. Meanwhile, the three sliding trays can accommodate documents and notebooks. Use the vertical storage area to organize your folders and binders in one place. With its unique, well-thought-out, and versatile design, the FlexiSpot Mesh Desk Organizer will help you have more desk space.

    DO01 EBC03
    Sturdy structure with premium quality materials

    Made with top-notch mesh metal with smooth black finishing, the FlexiSpot Mesh Desk Organizer will surely last for years. Its feet are covered with anti-sleep rubbers to prevent it from sliding or scratching surfaces.

    DO01 EBC04

    -Overall Dimension: 33.27x29.21x25.91cm (LxDxH)

    -Measurements of drawer: 30.99 (8.89+13.21+8.89)x22.1x6.1cm(LxDxH)

    -Measurement of the back vertical upright section: 33.27x6.6x25.91cm(LxDxH)

    -Item weight: 1.8kg

    -Package Contents: 1 x Desktop file organizer Rack 1 x Drawer organizer Rack 1 x Assembly Manual

    DO01 EBC05