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Working From Home vs Working at the Office - What's Best?

21 February 2022

With the radical advancement of technology and the global pandemic that hit us in early 2020, there has been an ever-increasing rise in the work-from-home movement.

However, with companies adapting to the new normal, employees often have the decision to either work from home or come into the office. As the answer might seem obvious, for some it is not.

Choosing the environment in which you work is crucial in determining your level of productivity and motivation. Below, you can find the pros and cons of working from home or for the office.

And by the end, you should have a clear answer to your question.

Advantages Of Working From Home

No Commutes

In some cases, commutes can take hours of your day, which isn’t idea because you’re not paid for that time. So, by working from home, you eliminate the need to put on shoes, go to your car or catch the bus and travel to work.

Instead, you can spend that time to get in a workout or spend more time with your family. Overall, there are no drawbacks to employees when it comes to eliminating the need for commuting.

Flexibility And Freedom

By working from home, you have the complete freedom to decide where you want to work from - be it from your local coffee shop, from a hotel room abroad, or at the comfort of your own home.

And though many employees don’t have the freedom to pick their own hours, being able to work in their comfortable environment is enough.

No Dress Code

Professional clothing often comes with a hefty cost attached to it. Besides that, it takes time and effort every single day to dress appropriately, which you could have otherwise spent doing whatever else you want.

By working from home, unless you had to look professional for a business zoom call, you can wear virtually whatever you want.

More Disposable Income

From removing the need for commutes to eating your lunch at home, these extra few dollars you spend on a daily basis for commuting will quickly add up and remain in your bank account at the end of each year.

Disadvantages Of Working From Home

Feeling Isolated

When working from home, it’s likely that you’ll only start to meet with your colleagues less and less often until eventually, the only time you end up seeing them is over Zoom. This can quickly make you feel isolated as you practically work, eat, and sleep in the exact same place.

No Structure

For some employees, grabbing a coffee and having to be somewhere at a specific time is a preferable way to work. It gives them structure and routine, whereas working from home is quite the opposite. You have to have the discipline or else it will make it feel as though everything blurs into one causing chaos, especially if you’re a busy individual.


Without working within the parameters of work hours, many employees end up working more hours than they are getting paid for. Including working on weekends and late nights.


This is something we all deal with, from home and at the office. If you do not create boundaries for yourself and have a good work ethic, you may find yourself getting distracted by household chores, social media, or having easy access to the television and your mobile phone.

Advantages Of Working From The Office

Better Time Management

This structure is often absent in a work-from-home environment. Going into the office has set hours, a defined schedule, and a workspace designated just for you. This allows for structure, time management, and order for the day. The office provides enforceable deadlines and expectations which promote better time management and productivity.

Team And Organizational Growth

Working from home allows you to somewhat ignore the importance of teamwork and be more autonomous. When working from the office, you will communicate with your colleagues a lot more often, which promotes team and organizational growth.

Handling a team and trying to solve issues via zoom is often an inefficient way to enforce teamwork, which results in decreased productivity.

Routine And Clear Structure

When working in an office, you immediately have a clear structure and routine. You have to be at work at a certain time and your day ends at a specific hour too. There is less opportunity to be distracted and a whole lot more productive.

Improved Communication

Having the opportunity for face-to-face communication is the clearest and most productive way to communicate in a corporate setting. It strengthens relationships between the employee and employer and is beneficial for businesses overall.

Disadvantages Of Working From The Office

Lack of Flexibility

When working from the office, you don’t have as much freedom in terms of deciding when and where you want to get your work done. You have to be at the office, and that promotes a severe lack of flexibility.


Whether it is by car, carpool, train, or bus, commuting costs money and takes time, which is often deemed as the employee's least favorite part of the day.

Conclusion - Which is Better?

There are several pros and cons to working from home and working from the office. Rather than asking which the better option is, you should ask yourself what you prefer and what is more important for you.

Do you prefer to have more time with your family and connect better with your children or do you prefer the social aspect and in-person communications?

Once you are able to answer those simple questions, then you will know what the best option is.