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Why You Can't Just Pick Any Office Furniture

11 January 2022

Office furniture is not something that the average person has had to put too much thought into in the past. Office furniture is typically purchased by the employer and chosen to be usable by as many people as possible.

As working from home looks set to become the new norm, people are for the first time having to pick their office furniture as they set up home offices.

Picking office furniture and designing your office area is a chance to customize the space that you are likely to spend a larger portion of your day in. While you could pick the cheapest office furniture, throw it all together, and hope it works, why not put a little more thought into the process.

This is a chance to create somewhere that motivates you and is comfortable to spend time in.

Why Office Furniture Is Important

Most offices might seem like they are no more than a collection of desks, chairs, and bright lighting chosen by a company to accommodate their employees; however, this is typically not the case. A great deal of effort and research goes into creating optimal spaces for a large group of people to spend an entire day in and work efficiently.

The best offices have been designed by people who understand how factors such as spacing, lighting, desk placement, and comfort all come together to create a space in which people can safely and comfortably work.

Desk chairs have to be chosen so that they can be easily adjusted and minimize any potential back problems that can occur when sitting in them for hours. The same applies to desks; there is considerable research into what makes a suitable office desk and how to pair furniture with them.

When setting up your at-home office space, all of the same considerations need to be considered. Luckily, the job is obviously slightly more straightforward. Rather than optimizing space for tens if not hundreds of people, the only person to consider is yourself and your comfort.

Your Desk And Chair Need To Be Compatible

When setting up a home office, the two most essential pieces of furniture will be your desk and your chair. It is good to start with these two pieces and then plan the rest of the space around them to ensure that everything fits together.

The desk that you choose will mainly be determined by three things; budget, space, and personal preferences.

Firstly, the space that you have available to you. You do not want to feel squashed in your office space by a desk that might be great to work at but is far too big for the space that you have allocated to be your new office. Measure the space you have and consider how much of that space you want to move freely in and how much you are prepared to part with to fit your desk.

Once you have decided how much space you want your desk to take up, the next thing is deciding on the style of desk you prefer. Traditional desks are great if you like to be seated all day. On the other hand, Standing desks are much better for people who want more flexibility to stand up while working.

Most furniture is designed and tested on people that are considered to be the average; this is generally males who are 5”9. For everyone else, opting for desks that can be adjusted is generally the best option as it helps to work around the fact that chairs and desks are not optimized for your comfort.

After choosing your desk, you need to find a compatible chair. The height of the chair, its armrests, and its overall size should all be considered. Ideally, you want a chair that has an adjustable height so that you can easily match it to your new desk and your leg length.

You also want to avoid chairs that are either so large or have bulky armrests, preventing them from slowing under your desk. Not only will this help to save space, but it also increases comfort if you can easily position yourself under your desk.

Optimizing Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference to a workspace. Most offices are decked out with super-bright fluorescent lights and while there is no need to go to this extreme, working in dim lighting is terrible for motivation.

The placement of the lights within a room is also essential. Avoid lights that will reflect on your screen as this will quickly become frustrating and can hurt your eyes. You also do not want your lights to be directly in front of you as the intense brightness can cause headaches over several hours.

Matching Extra Furniture To Your Desk

Most office setups will require a few extra pieces of furniture or desk accessories to make them organized and productive space.

Items such as a footrest and pillows can help with posture and are especially important for people who suffer from back pain. These items are also helpful for people who are not the average 5”9 male that most future as designed for and can help counter some of the problems caused by poorly fitted chairs.

Desk drawers are another thing to consider and should ideally be matched to your chosen desk and chair. Being able to easily reach your storage areas from your desk to avoid frustration and potential injuries.

Lastly, setting up your perfect home office will not happen overnight. By taking your time and making adjustments as you work in the space, you can create a space that you really enjoy and that helps you feel your most productive.