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Why It’s Important To Keep Your Office Desk Clean

28 February 2022


Whether you work from home or in an office, keeping your desk clean has some significant benefits. Though it can be frustrating to stay on top of cleaning, it’s a great way to keep your life organised, but it comes with some added health benefits.

Make sure you’re taking time to organise your desk once a week, as this can help you improve your day-to-day work life. No matter how busy your schedule is, there should always be time for a bit of spring cleaning!

Explore the top benefits of keeping your desk clean! Keep reading to learn more.

The Key Benefits Of Keeping Your Desk Clean

So, it’s a Monday morning, and you want to get straight into those emails. But, wait, take 15 minutes, and give your desk a quick clean. This should also be repeated on Friday when the week is over.

Read on to find out why.

Better Health

Both remote workers and office workers spend all day at their desks. This time includes their lunch hour, so they also take meals where they work! Keeping your desk clean is especially important if you eat lunch there, as the food bacteria can quickly pile up and leave your desk with more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

To ensure your desk is a safe space, use standard antibacterial wipes or gel to clean down the desk, mouse, and keyboard frequently. This will decrease the spread of germs, and it’ll also reduce the chance of you getting ill.

Less Stress

Another popular benefit of keeping your desk clear is that it can help reduce stress. Workdays can be long and tiresome, so being confronted by a messy day can subconsciously make you feel worse. An unorganised desk is also distracting, so make sure you spend 10 minutes two to three times a week reordering your workstation.

More Efficiency At Work

Similarly to reducing stress, a clear desk will also leave you feeling more productive. Researchers have proven that a cluttered environment will damage your work output, so if you want to smash projects and deadlines, make sure you’re working in an organised atmosphere.

Better Office Security

This tip is more applicable to those that work in shared offices, but clearing your paperwork away at the end of the day will increase your security. If you leave your desk cluttered, potentially sensitive documents could be out for anyone to read.

Reduce the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands by keeping your desk tidy. Many storage and organisation tools can help you protect your information. We love the under desk drawer as this keeps data safe, and it keeps your desk clear.

A Good First Impression

A clear desk will also give your colleagues a great impression of your work ethic. Again, this is more relevant to those who work in buys offices, since remote workers don’t get visitors! If you’re a manager, try to implement a clean desk policy. This will improve the client’s impressions of your team, plus it’ll keep everyone productive and organised too!

Positive Attitude

Sometimes work is tough, but there are small steps you can take to enjoy your time in the office more. Keeping a clean desk with office decor that makes you smile is a small way to liven up your work experience. Consider investing in a desk converter to add versatility to your working day. This will also make the day more enjoyable.

How To Clear Up

Are you now interested in keeping your desk cleaner? Here are the best tips for maintaining a clean office space.

Invest In Some Organisers

Paperwork can get everywhere, so it’s best to have a trusted system in place to keep it from overflowing. Popular solutions include a mobile pedestal file cabinet. This portable cabinet comes pre-assembled and is essential for those who feel like they’re drowning in paper!

Keep Anti-Bac Handy

Whether you prefer antibacterial wipes or gel, these items should be stored in your office at all times. Having some minor cleaning products will allow you to stay on top of desk maintenance, improving the sanitation of your work environment.

Look Under The Desk

While we tend to focus on the appearance on top of the desk, it’s also good practice to keep the underside of your office desk tidy. Many employees tend to ignore computer wiring, but a simple cable spine can keep these pesky wires out of your way, and you’ll have more floor space.

The Bottom Line

Your desk often reflects your state of mind, so check up on your desk and see if it needs to be improved. From a new desktop to some antibacterial gel, there are many methods to keep your desk clean.

Here at Flexispot, we understand the importance of wellness in your work life. Explore our latest arrivals here, or check out our blogs here.