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Top 5 Tips to Improve the Productivity of Your Employees

15 February 2023

Have you noticed that your employees are losing focus? Has your team missed a few targets? Or are you feeling a slight work slump, too?

It's normal to have periods where your focus isn't as sharp. But it might be time to address the situation if you're noticing that your team's motivation is dropping every day.

Luckily, there are some tried and tested ways to boost workplace motivation that you can try right now. These sure-fire productivity tips are used worldwide to keep employees happy and focused, so make a note of any tricks you find inspirational!

Ready to get started? Here are some of the best productivity tricks you can use in your office now.

1. Say Goodbye To The Traditional Desk

This might sound like an alarming tip if you work in an office, but hear us out.

A standard office desk doesn't move, leaving you in a stationary position for hours on end. This results in poor blood flow, back pain, and other physical issues. These physical ailments then have mental effects, reducing overall happiness and motivation in your team. No one wants to smash targets after hours of sitting at an uncomfortable desk!

But this is where an adjustable desk comes in. Also known as a standing desk or a height adjustable desk, this modern alternative moves up and down to keep you moving throughout the day. That's right — you can stand while working! This has been proven to increase mental clarity, increase blood flow, and positively impact productivity. A win for health and your team's monthly targets!

Need to know more? Learn all about height adjustable desks here.

2. Consider An Ergonomic Chair

If you're interested in the standing desk tip, we have another furniture-based trick to improve your employee's comfort and work habits.

Meet the ergonomic chair, an alternative to poorly designed office chairs. Let's face it, standard office chairs lack back support and leave you with bad posture after years of usage. The chair you use daily will affect the way you work — especially if you sit in it for over 8 hours a day!

Unlike old chair designs, an ergonomic chair provides continual lumbar support to prevent dreaded seat fatigue. Many designs also offer premium breathable seat cushions, adjustable elements, and much more to ensure your working day is comfortable.

See how an ergonomic office chair could help you here.

3. Create Clear Goals

Goal setting is a skill that often goes underappreciated.

It may sound easy but keeping your goals clear and focused isn't as easy as it sounds. Many managers forget that their teams might have different working styles. Therefore, goals will sound clear to them but not to their employees.

Some managers even forget to clearly list a goal. Without clear targets, employees can become lost, and the work progress becomes diffused.

Refresh your goal-setting skills with 'SMART' goals. These goals consider the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely factors for each goal — basically setting out clear criteria for each. This is a popular method to create clear objectives for teams, and the process helps you make the goals as obvious as possible for all working styles.

4. Offer Employee Incentives

Even the most passionate career-focused employees will improve their performance for incentives. We're all human, and humans work well when there's a positive reason to do so. Use this information to your advantage and provide reward-focused incentives for your team.

Popular workplace incentives include the following:

- Going out for a team meal

- Extra PTO days

- Coupons or gifts

- Extra 'casual dress' days

- A round of drinks after work

The type of incentives you choose should reflect your team's style. If your team isn't close-knit, a round of drinks after work might not be the best option. So, assess the way you work and pick the incentive that'll get them fired up.

5. Provide Useful Feedback

Your employees won't always work efficiently. But you can't expect them to improve their progress if you don't give them feedback on their working habits!

Take time to chat with employees one-on-one and see how they're feeling. Use this time to casually give them constructive feedback about the way they work. This must be positive, as giving negative feedback when nothing is wrong can lead to drops in productivity.

In these feedback sessions, you can also turn the question round and ask what you could do better. It's uncomfortable to hear, but sometimes you might need to make some changes to accommodate everyone. However, good managers take all comments on board to smash the quarterly targets!

Improving Office Productivity: The Takeaway

Boosting motivation in the workplace doesn't have to be a challenging job, especially when you have a cohesive plan in place before you start. From providing new office chairs and adjustable desks to offering open communication feedback sessions, these tips will reinvigorate your team.

The question is, are you ready to get started?

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