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The Best Desk Choices For A Fresh Summer Office

12 April 2022

Making The Most Of A Summer Office Revamp

Revamping your office space for summer can be a great way to welcome in the sunshine, refresh your focus, and create a newly energising space for your work projects. Changing up your interior design is a great starter to an office revamp, but why stop there? It's also a perfect opportunity to reassess how well your office furniture is working for you, and ensure your setup really works in supporting you and your particular working style. Furniture that can adapt to your needs throughout the day is the best way to optimise productivity, keep you inspired, and boost your mood - just what you want through the summer months.

Our selection of some of the best-selling desks on the market below offers some great choices to update your workspace for summer. Each offers a sleek, fresh style, and optimum flexibility and usability for any work project. Let’s take a further look.

Desks For Summer

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro E7

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro E7 is a great, sleek option for flexible working. With a gentle dual motor and steady lift speed, the E7 is an ideal choice for those looking for the flexibility and active support of a standing desk when needed.

We know that sitting for long periods of time during the work day can have adverse effects on our posture, leading to aches, strains, and chronic pain in our body - mainly our back, neck, and shoulders. Taking the opportunity to increase activity throughout the work day, and even incorporating working whilst standing, can mitigate these ailments. Alongside this, flexible working like this can increase blood flow around the body, improve focus, reduce fatigue, and boost productivity and mood.

The E7 offers a desktop height between 58cm and 123cm, making both seated and standing work comfortable and sustainable over longer working periods. It also means you can make the most of enjoying the summer view outside your window!

Desktop design options with the E7 are also vast, and offer plenty of natural styles to truly update your office interior for a summer feel. Designs are available in laminate, bamboo, or solid wood, with options for all budgets and ethos.

Bamboo offers the most eco-friendly option, alongside twice the durability and elasticity of ordinary wood. A carbonized coating ensures your desk remains moisture-proof and scratch-proof. Laminate options offer a range of imitation wood finishes for a natural feel on a budget, whilst solid wood options are available in Black Walnut, Cherry, or Red Oak and are designed for maximum durability, free of harmful chemicals.

Esben Height-Adjustable Desk EHD2

If you’re looking for a little more storage with your desk, the Esben EHD2 may be just what you’re looking for. The Esben offers all the functionality of an adjustable desk, alongside in-built USB and charging ports and generous dual storage drawers.

The sleek, bright design really makes the Esben EHD2 stand out, with a sophisticated combination of white and wood grain that can compliment any workspace with a gentle natural lift for the summer months. The anti-collision adjusting function also means items in the path of the height adjustment will be protected as the desk will halt in its path, freeing up extra storage space under your desk.

Some under desk storage could be a great move for the rest of your summer revamp, as using alternative spaces for office storage can allow you to  bring in some pot plants or cut flowers to your desktop to keep summer with you throughout the day!

L-Shaped Adjustable Desk E1L

Lastly, if you’re looking for something sleek and fresh but with broader desktop space, take a look at the L-Shaped E1L. Available in various glossy finishes, with full height adjustability and wraparound desktop space, this desk from Flexispot offers optimum flexibility and summer brightness to those who need more desktop space to work from, or even those sharing deskspace at the same time.

With a height range between 71cm and 120cm, and space for up to 3 height preset storage in the controls panel, the E1L is ideal for various users or different projects. Optimum space is available for all kinds of projects, with room alongside for fresh summer decor or space saving under desk storage. Everything you need for your most productive summer yet!