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Preparing for School Reopening

16 August 2021

It’s back to school for most of the students soon. We are slowly getting back to some sense of normalcy, which is good for the kid’s intellectual and mental health. The vaccines have been rolled out and we would in time have a bit of herd immunity for the population. However, since the pandemic is still going on, we need to take a bit of precaution too. It would be better for the children and students to avoid getting sick than have it and be at any risk of the symptoms of long Covid.

Children and young adults may have better chances of surviving, but it would be up to us adults to help them avoid the suffering and pain of sickness. However, the preparation for the start of school doesn’t end there. If a student or child wants to succeed and make the school year as smooth sailing as possible there are many other steps that they could take.

The first thing that needs to be prepared is the mind. There would be jitters or some nervousness especially if the student is starting out on a new level in school. There are also new classmates, new teachers, and a new environment to adapt to.

It would be more overwhelming when they take into consideration the voluminous amount of work ahead and new information to study. The child or student must have the confidence to tackle all of these and be able to enjoy school as well. So how would they gain enough confidence for the new school year?

Confidence is something that a person could easily get from sufficiency and expertise. This applies to both adults and children and as parents, we have the responsibility to help them. One thing that they can do prior to the start of the school year is to review their notes and exam papers from the previous year. These are usually the ones that are studied before a new lesson is discussed.

They don’t need to study it thoroughly, especially when they have already passed the subjects, only to skim through it. What is needed is a bit of a review to remember the lessons so that easing into the new lessons would be a breeze

After that, if they have the books they can read through them or go to websites for the lessons for the school year they are entering. Websites for homeschooling may also have books for advanced reading.

Attentive boy lying on the floor next to the book, using laptop while doing homework

There are also YouTube videos that can help them. If they do this, they would not have a problem understanding nor catch up to lessons. This would then equate to high grades and confidence in the child. If they can, they could also make concise reviewers for easy retention and remembrance of new information. Getting rid of known distractions like social media or video games while doing this would be very helpful. A good space for learning and a conducive environment to study will deem make a successful A+ student.

Ample of supplies for the school year is also necessary. During the pandemic, they can’t go out for each and every school supply needed as they go along. That said, it is better to be well equipped and prepare them all in advance. Additionally, they would need supplies to sanitize and keep their hands and personal things clean. 

Their health and safety matter more than knowledge as experience can also teach them. Also be on the lookout for discounts whether it be for bulk buying, student discounts, or retailer discounts. That way, you can save money while preparing for school.

When that has been accomplished, the child or parent needs to put it in the school bag together. If we do that, they would not be rushing in the morning of their first day to prepare everything they need. This would make their first day a breeze and as the first hour, first day, and the first week of a new beginning sets the tone for the rest of the time it is very important to be well prepared. 

Everything should be clean and their clothes should be ironed. Children are very social people and they need to look respectable to their peers so that they can network and have many friends. Having friends would help them achieve more in school and they would have the respect that would be good for their mental health and overall outlook towards learning and school.

Establishing their routine prior to going back to school would also be needed since a lot of them have spent a lot of time during the vacation having fun and sleeping late. Depending on their school schedule, their sleep and eating schedule should also be corrected with these in mind. Younger people also need longer sleeping hours than adults so that they can grow and develop their bodies well. 

That might also mean no smartphones, Internet, computer games, or the like on a specific hour that they are supposed to start resting. That way they will build a routine based on a healthy habit which will eventually help them when school starts. As evening routines are created, so does their morning routine. Adapting to a morning schedule and not being in a rush every start of a school day would be beneficial for them.

The comfort of vacation and staying at home is a very difficult everyday habit to change. That is why setting the tone for the start of the school year is a worthwhile task to undertake for parents. If we do this, we guarantee our children’s success and create in them healthy habits that would eventually benefit them in adulthood.

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