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Our Favourite Spring Stress Busters

14 April 2022


We'll be shocked if you've never felt stressed before.

This painful emotion tends to appear now and then, making our lives difficult at work. When left untreated, stress can spill out into your daily life, causing adverse effects on your day-to-day activities.

Luckily, there are many methods you can use to beat stress and feel calmer. Some staple stress-busting activities never go out of style. Activities like exercising, meditating, and talking to friends can be done in any season.

However, as spring rolls around, we're going to focus on ways you can enjoy the warmer weather while reducing your stress levels. Keep reading for the top tips to beat stress in the spring months!

The Perks Of Spring

Spring is one of the best seasons. This month gives us the boost we've all been waiting for with brighter skies and warmer temperatures. Many employees find that the warmer weather improves their mood and workflow too.

But, the great weather can't fix every issue.

Office life still has ups and downs, despite the sunny weather. One fact of life is that workplace stress comes and goes. The key to dealing with it is not letting it consume you. Of course, this is easier said than done! But, we believe stress can be reduced with some proactive steps.

We've got your back if you're looking to change your self-care routine up, or perhaps you need a stress buster right now. Scroll down for the best springtime self-care tips.

Embrace Bright Colours

Our first tip might seem frivolous, but it's proven to help reduce stress. Wearing bright colours can help you feel less stressed and more positive. This is a tremendous stress-busting tip for anyone fashion-conscious, but it can also help others get creative with their style.

Spring is known for pastel hues and warm neutrals, so treat yourself to some clothes that make you feel great. We also recommend switching from heavy winter jumpers to light spring cotton. This will add extra comfort to your office wardrobe as warmer weather grows.

Enjoy Spring Cleaning

This tip might sound like a chore at first, but it can actually help immensely with any mental stress. Whether it's your home or your office, take time to declutter any spaces that haven't seen love in a while. If there's any paperwork you can get rid of, make sure you throw it out! This creates space for new work, plus it'll give you mental clarity.

A minimal workspace will boost your productivity. Many employees find it easier to work in their room when it's clear. A cleanroom also decreases stress, allowing you to relax in tough times. The saying "clear space, clear mind" is more accurate than you may realise.

If you work from home, you may want to treat yourself to some new work decor. Add a new ergonomic desk chair or a standing desk to your set-up. The seasons change, and so should your workstation!

Get Outside

Taking a break from the office and venturing outside is simple but effective. This tip can be used in any season, but it's especially effective in the spring months. Fresh air and new scenery can often give you a better perspective on any stressful situation. With this in mind, remember to take time away from any stressful projects and let your mind reset.

It's often advised that employees spend more time around nature too. For years humans have retreated to stunning natural landscapes when life gets tough, and this does work. Next time you've had a tough day, spend some time in the local park to recharge.

Connect With Others

This tip is essential, especially for any freelance or remote worker. It's easy to get stuck inside your head when work gets stressful, so it's necessary to converse with others.

Connecting with others is even more effective in spring! This is because the new season trends bring better weather and many of us are keen to enjoy the sunlight. Arrange meet ups in local parks, gardens, and outdoor pubs! There's nothing like catching up with friends under the blue sky.

Add Some Seasonal Flowers To Your Home

As we enter springtime, natural beauty starts to bloom. Trees get greener, the sky gets bluer, and flowers start appearing. If you want a home decor method that will subtly reduce stress, try adding some seasonal florals to your home.

This tip might sound disconnected entirely from mental health, but living in a space with fresh flowers and plants does boost your mental health. These additions provide extra oxygen and bring the positivity of spring indoors. Popular spring species include daffodils, tulips, bluebells, hyacinths, and lilies.

Final Thoughts

Springtime is about happiness and positivity. If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work, remember you're not alone. Make sure you reach out to trusted family members or friends and talk to a specialist if needed.

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