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Our Evolving Workforce: Why Home Working Is The Future

09 October 2021

Working from home, rather than commuting to the office, has been growing in popularity over the past decade. This innovative concept has been made more possible by the emergence of certain technologies, including conferencing software, smartphones and ergonomic engineering and design.


Covid-19 gave us a long-awaited nudge

When Covid-19 struck, the world was ordered to stay indoors. This made it difficult for employers to continue with their regular status quo, forcing them to explore ways their workers could remain productive at home.

More than a third of US households worked from home at some point during the pandemic. Over the pond in the UK, around 40% of residents worked from home during the first lockdown.

While many people felt scared of this culture shift – after all, our living rooms contrast quite wildly to workplace board rooms – others felt that this shift was a much-needed workforce revolution.

Pre-covid, millennials in particular (those born between 1980 and 1995) were anxious to work from home and expressed preference in the freedoms remote working can bring. Covid-19 helped push companies and employers to make this happen, which is lucky seeing as millennials now happen to make up most of the workforce!


The Benefits Of Remote Working

So why the enthusiasm? What makes remote working so special? Here are a few reasons:

  • No commute. There are several advantages to dodging the 2-hour train commute each day. Firstly, it means you won’t be late. Secondly, it’s better for the environment and thirdly it can help improve your mental health not spending long hours commuting.
  • Home comforts. While some offices give employees resting areas and recreational time, many don’t. When you work from home, you can relax in a more homely environment and enjoy things that simply aren’t present in the workplace – such as your radio, couch cushions, better coffee and no queues for the bathroom! What’s important to note here is that while home comforts are pleasant, they can also be harmful. Ill-positioned chairs, poor lighting or lack of storage can create a number of hazards. That’s why when it comes to setting up your home workspace, you need to think about proper chairs, good lighting and proper storage solutions.
  • Better team meetings. It’s easy to go off on tangents and spend hours in board rooms. When you work from home, there’s an added efficiency to the meeting. Conferencing tools can automatically make meetings more organized, as long as everyone knows how to use it! When attending an online meeting, it is crucial that you are comfortable and presentable. Having a decent office chair that offers back support, breathability and adjustable height can make all the difference to your concentration, especially during longer meetings.
  • Better work/life balance. Removing the commute from your day automatically frees you up for a better social life. Remote working, especially when there’s flexibility, can help you to enjoy hobbies and interests alongside your working day without conforming to the rigid structures that come with the traditional 9-5. One survey has shown that 70% of surveyed employees report better mental health when working from home. Of course, self-care is still important. Keeping fit can help improve mental and physical health. With that in mind, you can get a desk bike at home to work out while working!
  • Cost savings. Any parent knows how expensive early years education is. It can feel as though you’re only working to pay for the childcare! Remote working, whether it be full or part time, can help solve this financial problem. It allows parents to work from home while caring for children too. There’s also cost savings relating to the work commute and food-on-the-go. Think about how much you’ll save by not buying gas station lunches every day!
  • Personalized office. If you’re tired of the white walls and sterile office environment, we don’t blame you. Remote working allows you to design your own office. Nobody will monitor or change it, and you certainly won’t lose your seat to the new girl! You can buy the exact chair you want, or opt for a standing desk over a regular desk. You can customize your workspace with pictures, flowers, and any other accessories you want without worrying about getting in trouble with the boss.


FlexiSpot can help

Working from home is undoubtedly the future. Workforces worldwide are rapidly evolving to ensure home working is easy and accessible to all.

But it is essential that when setting up a home office, you keep your physical and emotional wellness in mind. Poorly adjusted furniture can create aches and pains, repetitive stress injuries and even vision disturbances if you are not careful.

At FlexiSpot, we are committed to sourcing the very best ergonomically designed home working office furniture and accessories. You can check out our range of desks, accessories and fitness items by clicking here.