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Is Working In A Cafe Productive?

25 Apr. 2022

There’s nothing better than the strong smell of coffee in your local cafe. These social hubs are great for meeting friends, trying new treats, and even getting your work done.

Yes, you read that right! Coffee shops can be your go-to social meeting place and your office.

Of course, these venues aren’t appropriate if you work in an office, but they’re an ideal desk for remote workers and freelancers. Consider your local coffee house if you’re having difficulty working from home, or perhaps you’d like to switch your schedule up once or twice a week.

Want to know more? Keep reading to find out if working in a cafe is genuinely productive. We’ve researched the key benefits and drawbacks to help you decide if this unique way of working is for you.

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What Is Remote Work?

Before we jump into the pros and cons, we’ll quickly define remote work.

Since 2020, we’ve been introduced to various ways to work. From a flexi-office schedule to 100% remote positions, employees can have it their way.

One of the most popular ways to work is from home. Typically office culture isn’t as popular as it used to be, leaving desks empty as workers opt to work from their living rooms. But, with the ability to choose your own schedule and take breaks when needed - why wouldn’t you want to work from home?

Well, remote work can become monotonous and challenging. If you spend every day in the same room staring at the same screen, you’ll likely need a change sooner or later. This is where cafe work comes in! Coffee shops give remote workers a chance to work in a different environment, changing their schedules.

But, is a cafe an ideal working environment? Keep reading to find out.

The Benefits Of Working In A Cafe

We have some good news - there are many benefits to working in a cafe! This modern way of working is beneficial to remote workers. Here are the top benefits you need to know before starting working in a public place.

A Change Of Scenery

First of all, working in a cafe gives you a change of scenery. Instead of being locked up in the house every day, a cafe allows remote workers to have a positive change of scenery. This boosts mental health, as fresh air and a new location can improve your feelings and decrease the chances of depression.

Motivation To Complete Tasks

Have you heard of the “Coffee Shop Effect”? This unique phenomenon found that employers actually experience higher levels of productivity and focus while working in cafes. It’s estimated that the improved focus is due to constant background noise and fewer interruptions from co-workers, allowing workers to concentrate on tasks for longer. Consider a coffee shop next time you have an important deadline!

Promotes Exercise

Another key benefit of working in a coffee shop is that it promotes exercise. Though the link between a coffee shop and activity seems weak, it’s true! When working from home, employees leave the house to work in a cafe, they get to exercise on the journey, and they’re more likely to complete a workout that day. These extra endorphins promote better work and better sleep too.

Want an alternative? Try a cycle desk bike to add exercise into your remote work routine.

A Social Setting

Cafes are a social meeting point in every culture. If you are an extrovert and you thrive off interactions, working from home might be difficult for you. A cafe will provide social interactions and a busy atmosphere, saving you from the isolation of your home.

Coffee Whenever You Want!

Finally, a key benefit of working in a coffee shop is grabbing a cup of coffee whenever you want! Not only that, but most coffee shops provide a range of tasty treats to keep you motivated too. Delicious!

The Drawbacks

All working situations will have a few drawbacks. Here are the cons of working in a public cafe. Weigh up the pros and cons against your personal needs to see which remote working space fits your personality best.

Power Outlets

While many modern cafes provide power outlets for remote workers, you may get stuck in a space that lacks them. Add a laptop with no charge, and you’re destined for a lousy workday! This issue can be mitigated by charging devices before leaving the house or guaranteeing a seat by a charging point.

Spending Money

Another drawback of working in a cafe is that you have to buy regular coffee. If you want to work in the cafe for hours, you will need to buy an ample amount of coffee. If you don’t purchase any drinks and just use the public space, you may get told off by the staff as this is seen as rude.


Though the “coffee shop effect” claims that the low background noise level helps you concentrate, many people find cafes distracting. Some of us need complete silence to work, and that’s normal!

The Bottom Line

There’s one “one size fits all” solution for working spaces. We all need different elements for a productive atmosphere. However, working in a cafe is a favourable decision for many remote workers. So, next time you have a day outside of the office, consider spending it at your local coffee house instead!

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