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Introducing FlexiSpot's Membership System: A Better Way to Work

03 April 2023

FlexiSpot - a leading manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture designed to enhance user comfort and productivity. We provide innovative solutions, improving how people work and live by creating furniture that adapts to the changing needs of our customers. FlexiSpot believes everyone deserves the opportunity to work in a comfortable and healthy environment, which is exactly what we strive to deliver.

As part of our commitment to providing innovative solutions for modern workspaces, FlexiSpot has recently introduced a membership system that provides a better way to work. This article will explore FlexiSpot's membership system and discover the benefits of a healthier and more productive working environment.

What is the FlexiSpot Membership System?

FlexiSpot's membership system offers discounted access to a wide range of high-quality ergonomic furniture designed to provide maximum comfort and support to the user. In addition, the points-based system offers excellent savings against a wide range of ergonomic office furniture and accessories from your favourite brand!

Here is a summary of what's available:

1. Ergonomic chairs

2. Height adjustable desks

3. Desk converters

4. Desk bikes

5. Other accessories

What Benefits Does a FlexiSpot Membership Offer?

At FlexiSpot, we offer our esteemed and loyal members access to unmissable benefits:

● When signing up for our membership, you will automatically qualify for a £10 discount when you spend over £400 and instantly earn 50 points.

● You will gain access to exclusive personalised coupons.

● You will also gain access to members-only promotions and events.

● Spin to win prizes: enjoy exclusive access to our 'spin to win' competitions.

● Don't miss out on our exclusive flash sales tailored towards new and existing members.

Get more with each order: stack points every time you order from FlexiSpot.

FlexiSpot members can purchase products from as low as £9.99

● Take advantage of our Prestige Customer Service.

How Can I Earn Flexispot Membership Points?

We offer plenty of ways to earn exclusive member points with FlexiSpot:

● Subscribe to our newsletter to earn 30 points

● On all purchases, you can earn 1 point for each £1 spent

● If you recommend FlexiSpot to a friend, and they successfully place & pay for an order, we will credit you with points equalling double their order amount!

● Stay up to date with FlexiSpot and get rewarded for following us. Follow us on social media, and we will credit you with 2 points for each follow.

What Can I Do With My Points?

As a FlexiSpot member, your points can be redeemed for discounts, upgrades, and other exciting rewards:

● Unlock great prizes with FlexiSpot: exchange 10 points for a go on our 'spin to win' wheel.

● Shop with points, not cash!: exchange points for FlexiSpot products.

Why Choose FlexiSpot Membership?

FlexiSpot Membership offers numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for individuals looking for ergonomic solutions for their workspace. By joining FlexiSpot Membership, you'll enjoy a host of benefits, such as exclusive access to new products and discounts, rewards points for purchases, and personalised recommendations based on your preferences. Additionally, FlexiSpot Membership provides excellent customer support, ensuring members receive timely and reliable assistance.