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How To Look Professional On Zoom

11 April 2022

It’s 2022, and we’re slowly starting to return to offices. Everyday life is beginning to reappear, with one exception. Zoom calls are still thriving.

Popularized by the pandemic, Zoom and similar video conferences became the trusted method of communication. A webcam and internet connection prevailed when we couldn’t meet in person. Though you’d expect the popularity of Zoom to drop post-pandemic, it hasn’t. One thing we discovered in 2020 was the convenience of jumping on a quick call anywhere at any time.

With this in mind, it’s crucial that you know how to appear professional on video calls. Most of us are well experienced with this communication format now, but it’s always good to reassess your knowledge.

Whether you’re a Zoom novice or expert, keep reading. We’ve compiled the best Zoom tips to make sure you look your best when working online.

Why Does It Matter How You Look?

Work can be stressful, so the last thing you want is added pressure in meetings. While caring about how you appear in calls might seem over the top, it is essential in professional life, especially when meeting new clients!

Studies show that 55% of first impressions come from what people see, proving the importance of aesthetics. We’re not suggesting you get up early and put on extra makeup! There are easier ways to appear more confident on video calls, so don’t worry about learning the latest makeup trends.

A lot of the time, looking professional comes down to simple manners and confidence. It’s essential to act as if you were in an office meeting. Just because you’re calling on a camera doesn’t mean you can act informally. A professional attitude should still be present!

Keep on reading to explore our top tips.

Top Tips To Look Professional On Zoom Calls

Here are the tried and tested tips to keep you looking professional on camera when working.

Get Comfortable

The first and possibly most important tip is to get comfortable. Make sure you’re sitting steady and on a comfortable chair. Meetings can run longer than you expect, so it’s important to be in a comfortable position.

If you’re working from home, you can prepare before the meeting by adding some comfy pillows to your chair. You can even invest in an ergonomic desk chair to ensure good back health while working. Avoid taking Zoom calls from bed! This isn’t just unprofessional, but it also harms your productivity levels.

Clear Clutter

Another critical area to focus on when taking Zoom calls is your background. Avoid turning up to the meeting with a cluttered environment. Remove any trash or personal items, as these can be distracting on a call. Instead, opt for a plain wall or a minimal setting.

Many video conferencing apps, including Zoom, now offer virtual backgrounds. These handy tools remove your home background and replace it with fake scenery. This keeps your privacy and takes the focus away from your home.

Remove Distractions

It’s also vital to remove any distractions when prepping for a call. It’s important to give the call 100% of your attention for productivity and politeness. If you have any pets, make sure they’re fed and out of the room. The same goes for children or adults; it’s best to take calls alone when possible. Remember to turn your phone off too!

Think About Clothes

While the home office doesn’t have a strict dress code, you should consider your appearance when turning up to a video call. Of course, you should never have to wear makeup or look a certain way, but you should consider wearing minimal or professional clothes.

Consider changing into a shirt or a blazer when a call comes up. Looking more polished will leave others with a positive impression of you, so always have your work from home outfits ready.

Turn Up Early

Unless you’re jumping onto a last-minute call, try to turn up early. This gives you time to troubleshoot any issues before the call starts. Technology can go awry, but the frustrating effects of this can be minimized by sorting them out before the call begins.

Always remember to check your Wi-Fi, microphone, and camera before the call starts. This will save you and your colleagues time.

Remember Expressions

Finally, a key area many employees forget is their facial expressions. It’s easy to get comfortable at home, and many forget that they’re visible when their camera is on. A Zoom call should be treated like an in-person conversation; make eye contact with the screen and pay attention to the speaker.

The Bottom Line

Many companies are returning to in-person meetings, but this doesn’t mean Zoom etiquette should go out of the window! You never know when you’ll next be expected to pop onto a quick call, so it’s always better to be ready.

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