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How to Exercise and See Results When Working a Busy Schedule

07 April 2022

We are all guilty of letting our busy schedules dictate how and what we do with our spare time. When you have a full inbox, a boss that is calling you every 5 minutes, and a family who needs to be looked after - making time to exercise is often the one thing being sacrificed on your to-do list.

It is in those moments where you need to make time to move your body, the most. Doing a workout when things feel overwhelming and out of control will help you gain motivation and momentum to keep going.

By including morning exercise as part of your daily routine, you are allowing yourself to improve your mental state, physical wellbeing, and achieve your fitness goals - which in turn will have a positive impact on your job, relationship, kids, and yourself.

So, how can you make time for exercise when working a busy schedule? Below, you can find four ways to keep you accountable for your workouts.

Make An Appointment With Yourself

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is something that should be on the top of everyone's list. Exercising regularly is proven to be of huge benefit to one's mental and physical wellbeing. You will not only get fit and healthy but you will also be a whole lot more motivated and determined to do well in your job.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

Working in a high-demand job that needs your attention around the clock can be exhausting and likely - the last thing you want to do after a long day at work is exercise despite knowing that the benefits are there.

The first step to making sure you get your 30 minutes of exercise in for the day is to schedule it in. Schedule your training sessions as you would a meeting.

By putting your workout into your calendar, you are mentally preparing yourself and giving yourself the chance to plan your meetings, work activities, and deadlines around it. That way you are making a plan with yourself to get it done.

You have to be fair and real with yourself. The truth is - most of us make excuses not to get things done. For instance, if you had to pick up your kids from school as no one else could - you’ll find a way to pick them up. It’s the same with exercising.

The Shorter The Better

Something is better than nothing. You don't have to do a full 60-minute exercise session to start seeing results. Sometimes the shorter workouts are the most effective, especially when you are busy.

Research states that a 15-minute high-intensity workout is just as effective as a 45-minute low-intensity workout. So there is no such thing as - “I have no time”. You don’t even need to spend a fortune to stay active at home.

By getting into a routine and scheduling your exercise sessions, you’ll be able to create an effective program that will help you reach your goals without disrupting your work.

Proof Is In The Pudding

If you didn't record it, did it happen?

This doesn't mean recording yourself running and posting it to Instagram - but jot it down somewhere and tally it in at the end of every month.

This will help you monitor your progress and enable you to identify weak spots that need improvement. It will also keep you accountable and help you see where you are doing well or slipping up.

Fuel Your Body

Besides exercising regularly - you also want to make sure that you are eating high-quality and nutrient-rich food that supports your fitness goals. Fueling yourself with nutrient-dense foods will help keep you energized and motivated to reach your mental and physical goals.

Eating less take-out and having nutritious whole foods will help prevent those late-night cravings. Eat plenty of seasonal fruits and carry healthy snacks along with you to work. That way, you don’t need to pop to the vending machine for an afternoon snack.

Having healthy snacks on hand whenever you need them will help keep you going during the busiest of days.


Even the busiest of people can keep fit and healthy - it just depends on where their priorities lie.

It is important to make the most out of every situation. Make sure you have set clear boundaries for yourself so that you can work towards the goals you want to achieve at the end of the day.

Remember, no one can care for you the way you can care for yourself. Exercise is crucial to keeping your mental and physical health in check, which will allow you to be a whole lot more productive and efficient at work.