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How To Design Your Ideal Home Office

20 January 2022

Though it sounds like a cliche, if you like the space you work in you’ll be more interested in spending time there. This means, you’ll get work done more efficiently and you’ll spend less time procrastinating too.

We can’t all invest a lot of money into our home office setups, there are some small changes we can make to create an environment we enjoy working in. From small decor changes to investing in ergonomic furniture, money spent on a home office is money invested back into our mental and physical health too!

If you’re ready to make some positive changes in your home and work life, keep reading! We’ve got some top tips for designing your ideal home office that is easy and affordable too.

How Important Is Good Design In a Home Office?

Spending extra time on home design might sound frivolous to some, but this is actually a proven way to improve your attitude to work. If you secretly don’t like the space you work in, chances are your work output will be lower quality and you’ll often avoid working in the area altogether.

Instead of silently resenting your home office, you should take some time to curate a space that reflects your personal taste. Good home design will leave you feeling more positive about work and thus your output will reflect this mood shift too.

This doesn’t mean you have to start renovating your home, a quick lick of paint or some different furniture will do the job too. Perfect for all budgets and all decorating abilities too! Dedicate an hour or so a week to tidying your space and researching improvements to get started on your home design project.

1. Look At The Design Throughout Your Home

When you start redesigning your home office, it’s usually suggested that you align the office aesthetic with the general theme of your home. This means, if your home is a minimalist space, make sure your office is too. This will keep the harmony throughout your home and it’ll make picking items for the home office easier as the new picks will blend in.

2. Think About What You Actually Need

Though decorating a home office is exciting, remember not to get too carried away. Focus on elements you actually need first, and then curate decorative aspects after. For example, rather than buying printed pillows or lamps, a Mesh Desk Organizer should be your first pick to make sure your work supplies are organized!

If you’re unsure where to start, try making a list or a mindmap of work items you use every day. See if any of these need replacing or organizing, and from there you can start working out what you want vs. what you need for your home office.

3. You Should Feel Inspired

This may seem to contrast our last point, but you should make sure your office also inspires you. After you’ve worked out what items you really need for work, allow yourself to buy fun prints, inspirational images, or fun desk furniture to get excited about your new office. Image sharing websites like Instagram and Pinterest have lots of inspiration pictures to help you find your personal office style.

4. Add Some Plant Life

It’s been proven that plant life and nature can actually decrease stress and improve focus, so try to add some of this into your office! Whether you add a small potted plant or a bouquet of flowers, there are health benefits to adding some greenery into your space. Plants tend to freshen the air and flowers can leave the room smelling fresh too.

You could even settle for a low-maintenance picture of nature too, opt for whatever works best for your lifestyle! Popular ways to add nature into houses is through still life photography, so you can find some online or even get creative and take some nature pictures of your own.

5. Research Your Colour Scheme

Did you know colour can affect your mood? This is a secret fact that designers have been using for years. Many spaces are actually designed in specific colours to make you feel a certain way. A good example of this is that blue makes you feel calm, yellow makes you feel optimistic, and green can promote health. Alternatively, darker colours can leave you feeling tired, which is great for bedrooms, but not so good for home offices.

Use these secret colour hacks to your benefit and make sure your space feels light and bright. We think white walls with an accent of calm blue or positive green is a great way to keep your space feeling energetic and calm too. If you don’t want to commit to painting your walls, a colourful piece of furniture or poster can do the job too.

Ready To Decorate?

Adding some style and quality design to your home office is an exciting task. Unlike most work tasks, this one allows you to get creative and improve your home at the same time. If you’re looking for some new home office furniture, make sure you check out the Flexispot range. From ergonomic chairs to standing desks, we have all you need to make your home office a positive space.

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