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How to Design Your Garden?

05 July 2024

Before the first human beings started roaming our beautiful blue planet, nature was king. It bloomed wild and supreme, providing all life with nutrients and bounties. Nature also helped man evolve and taught early civilizations how to harvest and live in peace and tranquillity.

Today, however, is a different story. Sadly, with the rapid advancement of technological innovation, we have put nature in the backseat without realizing just how important greenery is for human survival.

Through the belligerent and deliberate action of man, we now face the gradual consequences of global warming in the form of increasing temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns throughout the world.

However, what is amazing about Mother Nature is that it can be simple to implement in our daily lives. While striving to reduce emissions and minimize your carbon footprint is a wonderful strategy, you can also bring nature to your front lawn or backyard by designing a garden.

What's also great about gardening is that it doesn't have to be complicated or exhausting. By starting small and taking simple measures, you can transform your empty or boring outdoor space into a green haven.

In light of this, let's take a deep dive into some excellent gardening design ideas that will be enough to replenish and rejuvenate your empty or boring spaces, further enhancing the beauty of your home.

Understanding the Importance of Having a Garden

Apart from helping boost the overall supply of oxygen in your surroundings while counteracting the negative effects of carbon dioxide, there are various other powerful reasons why you should invest in designing a home garden.

For example, it can be an excellent way to propel the aesthetic value of your property potentially. Plants represent the cycle of life. They help reinvigorate your space, brightening it up, and adding more color and style to it.

In addition, greenery can also be associated with positive energy. There are different types of plants, such as Lucky bamboo, lilies, money plants, etc., which are known to help add peaceful vibes to a home, enriching it all year round.

Another lesser-known advantage of having a garden is that you can dedicate a space to grow common vegetables and herbs, which can inadvertently cut your living costs. You can cultivate your spices, herbs, and vegetables such as tomatoes, beetroots, etc., slightly reducing your grocery expenses.

Some Interesting Tips and Methods You Should Consider While Designing Your Garden

Always Analyse Your Outdoor Environment Before Buying Plants and Trees

One of the most important steps to developing a garden is to first evaluate the size of the outdoor space for planting small trees and plants. So, if you have a relatively bigger space then you may have the opportunity to plant bigger trees and plants.

For example, you can plant orange and mango trees, or go cultivating strawberries and blackberries, etc. If the space permits, you also have the option to plant a Cypress tree for added shade for some outdoor relaxing on your recliner chair.

However, if your space is limited or if there are other outdoor structures such as a patio or an outdoor shed you have to contend with, go for planting smaller plants and trees such as roses or other flowers.

Go DIY With Potted Plants

You'd be surprised to know that do-it-yourself planting and potting is trending at the moment. What's great about this is the fact that you can just about use anything – recyclable materials, such as plastic bottles, etc., to build creative and colorful pots for your home garden. DIY techniques are simple, you'll have a lot of fun in the process, and above all else, it's cost-efficient.

Instead of buying terracotta pots, flower baskets, or beds, you can make all of these items at home using basic materials. Plus, you can make these items in all shapes and sizes using low-maintenance things such as wooden pallets, plastic bottles, broken ceramics, etc.

There's a zero learning curve to this, too. YouTube is full of interesting videos on how to produce creative and crafty pots and baskets for flowers and other types of plants. Just follow the instructions and voila! You'll be a green thumb in no time!

Consider Maneuvering Around Areas Surrounding Your Patio and Shed

If you have a house with a patio or an outdoor shed, you can utilize the area around it to creatively plant different flowers and small trees for more aesthetic value. For example, if you have a gazebo or patio in your front lawn or backyard, you can decorate the wooden frames and beams with money plants or climbers, both of which will add a ton to the structure.

You can also use climbers on wooden decks as they naturally grow and adapt to the environment. Depending on the structure and how you place them, these plants can both horizontally and vertically grow, complementing the adjacent or opposite flower bed you have planted.