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How to Choose an Appropriate Desk (Home or Office Use)

20 May 2021

Ever since the pandemic has started, many have been forced to work at home. Although the release of the vaccine making this a bit more relaxed, a lot of people opted to work from home not only to be safe from covid-19 but also to make it more convenient to balance work and family life. I think, for the most part, it is very prudent. 

I am the latter and the continued work from home option has motivated me to look for a desk that is appropriate for work and also for organizing my thoughts. It used to be that I checked all the mail and surfed the net on my laptop on the kitchen table. But working from a homemade office desk a necessity.

There are a lot of office desks and brands that look stylish for my space. Frankly, the number of options could be a little bit overwhelming. This is especially for those buying it for the first time as all the other tables in the house had previously sufficed. So I am writing this little guide based on my own experience and a little bit of research to help others narrow down their choices.

● Selecting a home office desk is how it's going to be used. Will it be used for drafting, drawing, is it for the work computer or home business computer? Is it going to be primarily used for studying? When this has been answered then a little bit of advice could come in handy.

● If it's for a work-from-home setup that needs a lot of paperwork to be done, you might like to get a large desk with drawers and shelving to provide ample space. That way, you can put books, ledgers, spreadsheets, and other important documents within arms’ reach.

 You can also organize it in a way that makes sense for you if you have compartments under your desk along with mobile drawers. That is if your desk does not have a built-in one.

For work from a home desk or even for an office, the desk should have a weight capacity to contain all your computer peripherals. Be it a double, triple, or even quadruple monitor with the CPU, drawing tablets, and much more you might want a sturdy and large desk for this. You may use an armoire for your office supplies and other peripherals to keep them off your desk.

● An L- shaped desk will be appropriate for this type of setup. This is advisable especially if your workstation is in a corner of a room and there should be ample space everywhere else like if it is in a bedroom. 

However, if the work is mostly just computer work and not anything else a spacious desk with built-in wiring holes for electrical connections is recommended. That way the cable not only lasts for a long time, it would also prevent injury or mess on your desk so you can focus on work and productivity. 

You may look into desks that have a container for your CPU underneath or an add-on for that. You might also want to look into desks that come with a USB slot to charge your phone. That way, you don't need to use the USB charging port on the CPU for that or use a socket that could be freed up for something else. 

An L- the shaped desk is very versatile as it can be used both for meetings and the main workstation. That said, it can be used for paperwork, team huddles, and others. If you need something compact and small for tight spaces, you can opt to use a mobile computer cart. That, or a compact office desk. 

● After deciding what work you need to do on your office desk, the next thing you need to take into consideration is its ergonomics. You need to find a nice desk with some wiggle room for you and also conforms to your height. Generally, if the desk height is up to your elbows, then congrats you found a good fit. 

However, we have more technology available to us right now and a height-adjustable office desk is not uncommon. You can also opt for a pull-out keyboard tray to keep your desk clutter-free and your keyboard as dust-free as possible. Your computer screen is recommended to be 20 inches away from your eyes, so you might want to look into a size of desk that would enable that.

● Next, you also have to mind your budget for your home office desk. However, I do recommend keeping the sturdiness and longevity of it too. You could go and meet each other halfway, because if the desk is not sturdy enough to contain all your work peripherals and machines, then it might cost you more when it breaks down. 

● Lastly, the aesthetic theme or decorations currently in your space. It might be good to select one that is compatible with what is already available in your space. That way, the desk would not be too gaudy or out of place when you move it there. For example, if you have a theme for nudes and browns, you may opt for desks that have a wood finish to complement the space.

At Flexispot you would have several options I have liked several of them. The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top EG8 was a stand-out for me. It has a very luxurious and classy design that would fit in well with any color theme. It also comes with eight presets that you can customize.

Charging your devices while working has never been easier because it has three USB ports conveniently placed for a wider range of compatibility. Your desk will always stay clutter-free because it has a spacious embedded drawer that is smooth and slides seamlessly. It may look fragile because of the glass top, but it is scratch-free, stain-free, and very stable to contain your work computer.