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How to Become the Best Employee and Get Promoted

03 November 2022

There’s so much more to getting a promotion than simply doing a good job. You’ll need to prove to the leadership team and any decision makers that you’re truly ready to handle more responsibilities and that you deserve them as well.

To do this, you must consistently put your best foot forward daily at work, stay dedicated to your career, and become a model employee. That way, you can achieve success even in the most competitive workplace and get that promotion.  If you don’t want to get passed up for promotions, you’ll have to put in the effort so that you’re the employee they want to promote.

If you’re not sure how to go about becoming that employee your company wants to promote, simply follow the advice we’ve laid out below.

Become Indispensable

An important part of becoming an amazing employee and being well on your way to a promotion is making sure your boss and the company you work for view you as indispensable. You don’t want them to consider you replaceable.

A great way to do this is to become the go-to person for specific tasks that revolve around your job, whether that’s dealing with challenging customers or crunching the numbers. You want your boss to see a problem and know they can count on you to solve it.

Not only will your coworkers be able to rely and count on you, but you’ll also stand out to your leadership since they’ll see everyone else coming to you for assistance or guidance.

Learn How to Collaborate and Network

When you work in a company or in a group, bosses hate to see someone be more concerned with themselves than with the good of their team. Higher-ups want to see team players that are focused on helping their team as a whole succeed.

Ultimately, this kind of team-focused attitude is beneficial for the company. It promotes success and a healthy work environment. If you’re someone who is constantly helping out the other members of your team and keeping people on track, your boss will notice that.

The more your team can rely on you and look to you, the more likely it is that your boss will want to put you in a higher position. Being a team player shows that you not only have what it takes to lead but that you care about the other people you work with.

Stay Goal-Oriented and Take Charge When Necessary

It’s always a good idea to take the time to sit down with your boss and talk about your professional goals surrounding your career. This should be done at least once a year, around the beginning of the year, if not more.

Try to be very open about where you see yourself six months from then and even a year from then. If you aren’t happy with something in your position, let them know. If you want to move up in the company, let your boss know.

They’ll most likely tell you what they expect from you if you’re to get a promotion. Also, they’ll think of you if a position becomes available because you already let them know you were interested.

Take the Initiative and Get Involved

You need to prove to the leadership team that you’re committed to your career and constantly bettering yourself. Whether you decide to take extra courses to learn more facets of your job or actively attend company meetings, even if they aren’t mandatory, you want to make sure you’re always bettering yourself and learning.

Take advantage of opportunities that are both inside and outside of the office. Your company might have ample seminars available, but that doesn’t mean the workshop at your local library is any less valuable.

There are also tons of classes and information online that you can take advantage of for almost every career out there. You should never stop wanting to learn, and an ability to grow and adapt will look great to your boss.

Make a Note of Your Successes

It isn’t a bad idea to note down your successes during your career. It’s one of the best ways to become more confident at the workplace. If you were the one to fix a major bug in a program, make sure to take note of that. These points in your career are important.

Your boss and leadership will want to know important things you’ve done while working at the company and throughout your career. Don’t be shy, and let them know just what you’ve been able to accomplish.

The best way to do this is to build a working portfolio that contains information about all of your career triumphs. If you’ve had a record sales month or completed a vital project, make a note of it in your portfolio. This way, you can easily share your successes with your boss when it comes time for a promotion.


If you want to get promoted at your job, then you’ll have to take some important steps in order to get your boss on board. You want to ensure that you are a model employee and that your boss knows they can count on you.

This means you’ll have to go above and beyond at work and not just do the bare minimum. You’ll want to make sure you’re a team player and taking opportunities to always learn and stay ahead of the game.

Once you’re familiar with how to become the best employee and get promoted, you can start utilizing these steps in your daily work life so that your boss comes to you to offer you that next promotion.