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How To Add Fun To Your Work Day

12 April 2022

April is a month full of fun.

The month starts with April Fools Day, which sets the tone for the next four weeks. Spring is here, days are getting lighter, and the weather’s getting warmer. But, how can you add some fun to your workdays?

Fun and work are two words that don’t always go together for some. However, these two topics can mix! You just need to add specific tips and tricks into your workweek to make the most of the time.

Ready to have fun at work? Keep on reading to find out how you can enjoy work more.

Top Tips For Having More Fun At Work

If you’re trying to add some fun to your workday, consider implementing some of these popular tips.

Celebrate Whenever You Can

A fundamental way to keep the morale up in the office is by celebrating whenever you can. Take advantage of any birthdays or milestones and throw an office party. These events don’t need to be extravagant, but don’t let them pass without recognition.

A simple office party or after-work drinks will inspire the team and strengthen office bonds. Popular in-office celebrations include pizza Fridays, birthday cakes, and a beer at the end of the day. Make sure you get your team to make their birthdays on a shared calendar!

Invest In Office Furniture You Like

Another way to make your office day more enjoyable is to invest in your office furniture. How can you enjoy working if your office chair is painful or dull? If this sounds familiar, treat yourself to an ergonomic office chair that supports your back and looks good.

Pair your specialist office equipment with some fun colours and decorations, and your workday will start improving. Many office workers like to add motivational quotes or family photos to their desks to keep them inspired while on the job.

Compliment Your Co-workers

A happy office is more fun. With this in mind, make sure you congratulate and compliment your co-workers. Whether they’ve done well in a project or perhaps they’re wearing a nice blazer, let them know! This lifts spirits and boosts self-esteem, leading to employees having more fun at their desks - pure feel-good vibes!

Eat Meals Away From Your Desk

Did you know you can boost your office mood by eating meals away from your desk? This tip sounds odd but adds a lot of satisfaction to your workday.

Eating away from your desk improves your day because it gives you a change of scenery. It’s essential to change the scenery when you’re working, especially if you’re there from 9-5. Eating away from your desk also lets you catch up with co-workers, adding a social element to the day.

Workout On Work Days

Workouts are essential for anyone that wants to have more fun. It’s well known that working out boosts your feel-good hormones, so why don’t you get a session in before work? You can also try working out after work, as this gives you something to look forward to throughout the day.

Did you know you can workout while at work too? With the help of a desk bike, you can get your spreadsheets done simultaneously as a quick workout. This might be better if you work from home, though.

Dress For Happiness

Studies have shown that dressing up improves your happiness, whether you believe it or not. If you feel confident in yourself, you’ll likely be more open to having fun in the office.

Make sure you have a few outfits on the go that you feel good in and enjoy wearing. If you’re not sure what you like, analyse what you usually wear to work and note any outfit combinations that give you extra confidence. Next time you go shopping, look for similar outfits to these and stock up on feel-good work clothes.

Add Fun Back Into Meetings

If you’re not careful, meetings can become an experience the team dreads. When meetings start with five minutes of informal chatter or jokes, the team will be more likely to look forward to these collaborations. This is especially important to note if you’re a manager, as you can make the tone of meetings more uplifting.

Pets In The Office Day

This won’t be possible for all offices, but try setting up a Bring Your Pet To Work Day if you can. We all love cute animals, so the presence of pets in the office will boost morale and give employees something to bond over. Just be careful not to make a mess on any paperwork!

The Takeaway

Work is an integral aspect of our lives. Whether you like it or not, it’s something we all have to do. That doesn’t mean it’s not fun, though! Spice up your office time with some of the tips from this article. Make the most of your working day.

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