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Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind When Caring for Your Teen’s Spinal Health

03 January 2023

Have you discussed spinal health with your teenager?

When we talk about back and spine health, many of us think about sitting in offices for long amounts of time. Since back pain is associated with older people, it’s easy to forget that many bad spinal habits can begin when we’re young. That’s right, teens have a duty to start looking after their backs at a young age!

However, if teenagers aren’t educated on the subject, it’s difficult for them to make any changes. That’s where parents need to step in. Educating yourself and your child on the importance of healthy back habits will save them stress and pain in the future.

Are you ready to make a positive change? We are! Keep reading to discover the tools and tips that can help improve your teen’s spinal health.

Top tips for teenage spinal health

From choosing an ergonomic chair to getting more daily movement in, here are some tips to protect spinal health in young adults.

Avoid long sedentary periods

If you work in a sedentary environment, you’ll already know the importance of getting up and moving around regularly.

These days, many of us have computer-oriented careers. Sedentary lifestyles aren’t just for adults, though. More and more children and teens are living sedentary lives as schooling moves online. Also, more teens are enjoying gaming and other sit-down hobbies, leaving them spending more time in unhealthy positions.

While you don’t need to stop these behaviours completely, it is advisable to take some time away from the office desk or gaming chair regularly. Periods of movement allow the spine to stretch, and it improves overall blood flow too. Better circulation and posture here!

Consider a standing desk

Did you know a height adjustable desk can promote healthy spine habits and reduce back pain? Yup, these desks are about more than getting a little movement into your workday. They can also positively impact your back.

An adjustable desk has been proven to improve your posture, taking pressure off your lower back and neck. This leaves users with an overall better spine posture and less potential back pain.

Many think adjustable desks are only for adults, but this simply isn’t true. Standing desks can also benefit teens - especially when completing homework from home! And when they move out, they can take this health-promoting desk with them. An investment for decades!

Shop different standing desk models online here.

Remove uncomfortable chairs

An uncomfortable chair is no good in any situation, but if you’re sitting on the office chair for hours at a time, it’s time for a change!

Like a standing desk, an ergonomic chair is designed to provide back support while keeping your spine comfortable. If you have to sit for long hours, an ergonomically designed chair is your new best friend.

If you’ve noticed your teen spending lots of time working or surfing from their desk, surprise them with an office chair that gives lumbar support instead of lumbar damage. This will give more comfort and decrease the chances of back-related issues in the future. Plus, a well-designed chair can add extra style to their room too.

Explore our range of ergonomic desk chairs online here.

Talk to them about spinal health

Spinal health isn’t always covered in schools, yet it’s something we all need to know about. Without comprehensive knowledge of bad back habits, how can we make decisions that benefit our overall health?

If you’ve realised your teen is sitting with their shoulders slumped or working for hours without stretching, it might be time to introduce them to healthy spinal habits. This doesn’t have to be a serious or scary conversation but introducing them to the potential dangers will make them more aware of any potential harm.

Consider stretching or yoga

Alongside improving their work habits and office furniture, your teenager might be interested in other proactive spinal practices. For example, adding stretching or yoga into their routine.

Yoga and back stretches can strengthen back muscles. This helps to support your spine, back, and neck. Many great yoga routines are available online via blogs and YouTube, and this could be a healthy addition to your teen’s life.

Remember important vitamins

A healthy and balanced diet helps all areas of life - including spinal health. We all want our children to grow up healthy and strong, and much of this starts with what we eat.

If you want to improve your teenager’s spinal health, serve up more meals rich in magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium. These vitamins and minerals help to strengthen spinal bones, plus they reduce the chances of osteoporosis and spinal fractures.

Teen spinal health: The takeaway

Keeping your teen aware of spinal health issues will ensure they protect their bodies early, leaving them healthier and happier in the future. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks can also be implemented to keep their workspace comfortable and kind.

Learning about health early is always a bonus, so make sure you give your teens a head start! They’ll thank you in the future - and so will their spines!

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