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Why It's the Best Piece of Furniture for Your Living Room

31 August 2023

Finding the perfect recliner chair can be quite a challenge, especially if you're on a budget. When looking for a recliner, there are many things to consider, some of which include the price, the quality of the materials used, the ergonomics of the chair, and ease of use, to name a few.

When you know what you're after, narrowing down your selection of recliners is much easier. If you're yet to decide on any particular recliner, we'd like to introduce you to the XC2. It offers fantastic value for money and is truly one of the best options on the market today. Before we tell you why it's worth it, we'd first like to tell you what the XC2 recliner chair even is.

What Is the XC2 Recliner?

The XC2 is a reclining chair with a versatile yet simple design that can be fitted into every room without making it the centre of attention. The soft and elastic foam seat cushion, along with the skin-friendly faux cotton-linen fabric, allow the user to experience a level of comfort and relaxation they've not felt in a long while.

What's more is that this chair comes with curved armrests, an adjustable footrest, and multi-stage recline options. In other words, finding just the perfect sitting position when using the XC2 is easy and super convenient.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider the XC2

If you're currently sitting on the fence regarding the XC2 recliner chair, here are five reasons why you should consider it.

Flexible and Timeless Design

The first thing we'd like to comment on is the chair's flexible, high-quality, and timeless design. Typically, affordable recliners and lounge chairs look and feel cheap. But that isn't the case with the XC2.

The main reason the XC2's design works is because it's simple. It's not too fancy or over the top. Instead, the manufacturer has allocated all the resources to create a comfortable, solid, and long-lasting recliner chair that can easily be fitted in any living space.

It's Great for Pressure Relief

If you're on the lookout for a recliner chair, there's a big chance that one of the main reasons for that is because you want a comfortable place to sit and relax after a long day at work. The XC2 can not only help you do that, but it actually goes an extra mile by relieving you of any pressure that your body may be feeling.

This is largely due to the comfortable and supporting design, which many recliner chairs in this price range lack. So, whether you often have a build-up of pressure in your back, legs, shoulders, or neck, you can wave goodbye to those once you start using the XC2.

Easy to Use

Most recliner chairs, especially the older models, can be quite awkward to navigate. The XC2 doesn't use any levers or buttons that can not only break but are also super inconvenient to use. With this recliner, no matter how you're sitting, by simply pushing the backrest, you can enjoy your favourite sitting position in no time.

Additional Storage

Another small but great detail of this chair is the storage pockets on the side. These can be used for storing the TV remote, a small book, or a handful of magazines. Granted, you can't store large books or anything overly thick, not that anybody would want to ruin the aesthetic of their chair by using it for storing bulky items.

Built to Last

And last but not least, this recliner chair was built to last. You can feel that as soon as you sit on it. This particular chair can easily bear anyone up to 120kg, so if you're below that, rest assured that you will have yourself a recliner that will easily last you for many years to come.


If you're in the market for a solid, comfortable, and easy-to-use recliner chair, look no further than the XC2. This affordable recliner features a stunning and basic design that can easily be made part of any room, without looking out of place. With the ability to bear anyone of up to 120kg, you can rest assured that if you use this recliner properly and maintain it, it will last you for many years.