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Why An Office Chair Can Stop You Overheating

13 October 2022

It’s that season again.

The heat is here, and it’s endless. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, unless you’ve got top-of-the-line AC, you’re likely suffering from overheating while working. Sweaty and unfocused, summer work isn’t the best.

Many factors can reduce workplace discomfort. While the more obvious options might be fans and lighter clothing, there are some options that employees overlook - for example, office chairs.

This might sound crazy, as chairs aren’t often associated with heat. But, your choice of seat can significantly impact your temperature and comfort in the summer months. Are you ready to make a change? Keep reading to find out more.

How Can Optimised Office Chairs Help?

So, what’s the deal with office chairs? How do they help you cool down in summer?

Office chairs are used in all businesses, but not all chairs provide cooling effects. Only select ergonomic designs will be able to lower your temperature. Ergonomic chairs can help you achieve great work this summer thanks to technical designs and material choices.

Ergonomic chairs, like Flexispot’s, are designed and manufactured with breathable materials. Unlike standard chair options, these specialised chairs use fabric that includes breathable qualities - allowing hot air to escape, which cools you down.

Alongside breathable fabric, Flexispot’s ergonomic office chair also provides material that doesn’t mold quickly or cause odour - ideal for a clean and comfortable office.

What Are Breathable Fabrics?  

Great, Flexispot chairs include breathable fabrics!

But, what are these? We’ll give a quick summary below if you’re unfamiliar with this concept.

Breathable fabric is an essential summer material as it allows moisture and warm air to evaporate away from the material. The fibre properties and loose weave of the fabric make the cloth breathable, and sometimes the fabric even comes with wicking qualities which remove sweat.

Many popular summer clothes already use these fabrics, such as linen trousers and cotton shirts. While curating your wardrobe is essential for summer, you should also consider your seating!

Are There Other Ergonomic Chair Benefits?

An ergonomic chair can keep you cooler in the summer months. What else can these handy chairs do?

Ergonomic chairs are ideal for your physical health and overall wellness. Here are the top benefits of ergonomic office design.

A more comfortable seat. The W-shaped seat design distributes pressure when you sit, allowing you to enjoy comfort while working.

Provides a swing function. Ergonomic chairs can swing back 120 degrees, allowing extra scope and movement.

Come with foldable armrests. These chairs also include flip-up armrests, which enhance your comfort and give you more space.

Adjustable height and tightness. These chairs aren’t one size fits all! They also have adjustable height and backrest tightness to fit your body.

Reduces back pain. Thanks to the premium shaping and design, ergonomic chairs are proven to reduce back pain when sitting for extended amounts of time.

Ergonomic chairs change the way you work. Are you ready for a more comfortable summer work life? We are!

Other Ways To Cool The Office Down

While an ergonomic chair can increase your comfort, there are other steps you can take to reduce your office temperature. See our favourites below!

Ice It Up

Water is essential in the heat. But ice is cooler! When you pack your water for the office, consider freezing it overnight. Yes, you’ll be taking an ice bottle to work, but this will melt over the day, and you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, ice-cold water too.

Improve Your Work Wardrobe

We’ve already discussed breathable fabrics, but this isn’t a tip to skim over and ignore! Changing your wool-bases suits for linen options will show you a new world. Even if you’re not interested in fashion, changing your wardrobe for summer will leave you feeling better, even on the hottest days.

Invest In A Fan

If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a high-quality fan. These gadgets will save your life when a heatwave hits! Though some employees like to tough it out through the warmer months, a fan will change the way you work. Less stress and more comfort for everyone.

Keep The Blinds Closed

It might seem wrong to work in the dark, but keeping the blinds shut in direct sunlight will reduce the heat in your office. This might not be acceptable in all offices, but it’s an excellent tip for those who work at home.

Final Thoughts

Small changes do add up. Next time you’re overheating while working, assess how well your chair is working for you. Could a breathable ergonomic improve your work habits? Not only will it cool you, but its benefits will also help you throughout the winter.

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