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The Importance of Standing Desks for Encouraging Healthy Posture and Activity in Children

27 April 2023

Height-adjustable desks are becoming a popular trend in terms of promoting healthy posture and overall health and wellness in the corporate workspace. With that in mind, people are beginning to wonder whether or not these desks can be just as good for children.

According to most medical professionals, children need to be able to spend a minimum of 60 minutes doing different activities. However, the reality is quite different, as we can see that a lot of modern kids spend countless hours sitting.

And to put some icing on the cake, the modern schooling system is now introducing new and more innovative ways to promote learning in the form of virtual reality. Don't get us wrong, while these are great tactics to improve learning, it is also keeping a lot of children in their chairs at school.

Standing Desks: A Way to Help Kids Maintain their Overall Wellbeing

Children's desk that comes with height adjustability and storage can be a wonderful alternative to encourage them to move around while doing the same activities, both at their home and in the classroom. As per one research posted in the American Journal of Public Health, studying and doing work standing up can have positive effects on student health. The study identified that the students who worked standing up experienced a decline in their BMI (body mass index) to 5.2.

While a lot of people can agree that kids need to move around, it is also fair to state that standing desks aren't exactly an alternative to aerobics or outdoor recreational activities. However, what standing desks can do is encourage your kids to live a more active and motivated lifestyle.

It has also been determined that a kid's desk can promote a sense of motivation and independence in children, allowing them to demonstrate self-regulation abilities.

But Aren't Kids Prone to Injuries if they Use a Standing Desk?

There's no statistical evidence that states that standing desks can cause any form of stress or injury to kids. It's quite the opposite. You see, children's desks promote a sense of independence, allowing kids to quickly adapt to their new setting. However, as with anything, if you decide to bring home a standing desk for your children, you need to first acclimatise them and train them how to use it. You need to show them how a standing desk can improve their posture compared to sitting down all the time.  

Vital Factors to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk for Kids

While selecting a standing desk for children isn't that different from buying a traditional desk, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind. Such as:

Size and Height Adjustability

While you can get a fixed standing desk, you need to keep in mind that the table won't grow with the child. This is why it is better to buy a desk that comes with height adjustability features, allowing you to set the height of the desk in accordance with the height of your child.

Also, ensure you buy a standing desk that is comparatively bigger or is, at least, in line with the daily activities of your children. They should be able to keep all their stuff neatly on the desk. Some standing desks even come with a storage compartment where you can help your kids store all their stationary and other accessories.

The Desk Should be Durable

Because your kids will be using the standing desk most of the time, you can expect them to thrash around the desk throughout the day. So, make sure that desk you buy is ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 tested.

Safety Features

Look for a desk that comes with anti-collision safety, preventing the motorised mechanism from accidentally pinching the child. Also, ensure that the sanding desk is designed with anti-collision technology, preventing it to tilt or topple over in the event of a collision.

Benefits of Standing Desks for Children

Helps Boost Focus

Kids generally have a short span of attention and have this insatiable need for entertainment and attention. In addition, they also have a staggering amount of energy that seems to only run out when it's time to go to bed. Moreover, younger children have a hard time sitting in one place. They have this need to move around. This type of behaviour, in a classroom setting, may result in restlessness and fidgeting.  

A kid's desk can help minimise or may eliminate these traits in children, motivating them to learn and absorb information while standing up. In addition, a standing desk allows kids to switch from sitting to standing any time they want, allowing them to stay focused and attentive instead of zoning out, which they may normally do if they sit in one place for hours at a time.

Posture Correctness

One of the best advantages of a standing desk for kids is that it will allow them to avoid getting a bad posture from sitting hunched for long periods. This may lead to problems such as stiff necks and shoulders and even back pain as they grow older.  

Bottom Line

So there you have it. Some pretty excellent reasons why a height-adjustable desk can be the perfect thing for your kid's health and growth.