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Savvy Tips to Utilise Walls for Sufficient Storage Space in Small Homes

26 September 2023

Studio apartments and small houses may be built on bricks and beams, but sweet homes are made with love and dreams. One of the popular dreams is luxury, which in today’s contemporary idea has a much more materialistic touch to it. Small homes have inadequate space for everything, so putting up with old furniture seems difficult to adjust. There may be a thousand ideas for small home decor and inspirations, but the trick is to achieve maximum on the walls. Let us guide you on a journey of designing, embellishing but most importantly utilising your small home space perfectly.

Walls: Underrated Storage Spaces

Utilising walls can seem difficult but it is a creative method to set up mounted or standing desks, cabinets, shelves and hook accessories instead of blocking floor space with excessive tables to display ornaments and routine items.

Shelves are one of the most used furniture for compiling books, decoration items, shoes, and even makeup. Instead of standing shelves you can opt for wall-mounted shelves to display your books, documents and all. Similarly, cupboards are a wonderful furniture item, but overhead cabinets can be even more space-saving for kitchenware such as utensils, plates and mugs in the kitchen and toiletries in the bathroom. For the bedroom, you can choose a space-efficient wardrobe or a big drawer table 2-in-1 for clothes, shoes and more.

Utilise Cool Accessories to Save Space

Suppose you do not possess a spare room to create into a home office or study, simply mount a floating desk or standing desk on which you can work twice as healthy as on bed while maintaining the bedroom aesthetics. Instead of adding another table to your room for your TV, simply mount the TV on the wall so you can place other items such as spare floor cushions or beanbags under the TV. Pull them out when you need the cushions.

Awesome accessories such as pegboards can prove advantageous to place all the workstation clutter into an organised hanging space. With the standing desk setup, attach a desk cable duct for your laptop charger and other cables. Reduce unorganised cables of TVs, computers, phone chargers, and hair tools with adjustable and hidable organisers. The ideas are endless because cleaning up and messing up situations is a continuous problem in small homes. With a small space to go around, the mess is easily visible and hidable within minutes, it just takes creativity.

Keeping Balance between Wall-mounted Furniture and Floor Space

Floor space for every room must be more than a walking path, therefore switching floor-mounted furniture with a few wall-mounted accessories can prove advantageous. Do not excessively hang everything with the walls, but do exchange a few furniture items with wall-hanging ones.

Similarly, excessive furniture such as large tables, mini tables, extra bedroom chairs, and two or more beds in one room can take up extra space and frustrate homeowners when they stub their tow from everywhere! Here are some ideas which can guide you through this problem:

● With too many cables in feet, the workstation seems to look sloppy and cluttered. Make use of clamp power strips in places where electronics are stuffed.

● In the kitchen where appliances like a coffee maker, blender and beater can cause a mess, place them in an overhead cabinet or position them along the back of the counter if possible.

● Utilising adjustable beds or bunk beds instead of single or double beds can be an aesthetic way of setting up a small room.

● Use pegboards for garden tools, art tools and stationery items if you do not wish to keep everything boxed and compiled in a corner

● Small homes do not have space for gyming essentials, act smarter with a brilliant desk bike! Invest in the coolest and most compact inventions to utilise 2-in-1 activities.

Versatility, Hues and Neatness

The colour scheme has a huge impact on the impression of the house; do not opt for a black or darker shade palette for your small home as it will give a suffocating vibe along the furniture. Go with lighter shades, pastels, beige whites and neutrals as contemporary and minimalist home interior ideas.

Do not put up every art that exists on Earth on your walls! Keep it neat, just a few wall hangings and remember to switch them around, purchase new ones but hide away the old ones to avoid cluttering the space. Go with one motto, “less is more.” Keep mug holders in the kitchen to avoid excessive counter and cabinet space usage and get rid of furniture that is either expired, broken or useless. Stop collecting junk and start selecting the best for your living space to promote a clean and tidy area all year round.

Final Word

Saving space is not the same as saving money though! However, by investing in a productive and innovative furniture item, routine life will alternatively become easier and more systemised. Furniture can also impact the overall look of the house because these are the exact items that can enhance the look or degrade the impression of the home. Switching curtains, changing sofas and shopping for a house catalogue can also impact your mental health as it will help in achieving a positive mood for a few weeks to months!