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Making Sustainable Choices on World Earth Day 2022

22 April 2022

World Earth Day 2022 is just around the corner on Friday 22 April. And even in 2022, Earth Day is still an opportunity to educate people about sustainability.

World Earth Day is a time to observe our planet’s fragile ecosystem and take action to reduce the damage we are doing. So, to do our part, we are sharing our tips on how you can make sustainable choices on this Earth Day, in both your personal and professional life.

1. Reduce

Start by reducing your home and office waste. This is the least you can do to save our planet. Note what you throw out and then take action to reduce your waste value. To help you tackle food waste, why not look into dedicated meal planning techniques? Or – for those with more money than time – think about using meal subscription boxes that send the exact portions needed for each recipe.

If you find yourself in the position where you end up with food that needs to be thrown out, consider repurposing or composting waste to avoid filling landfills with food that you could have eaten. You can also use other organic materials from your non-food home waste, such as fruit peels, leaves, sawdust, and wood chips, to create your own DIY eco-friendly cleaners and soaps.

Also, think about where you rely on printed materials (e.g., for your household and business bills) and decide if it's appropriate for you to switch to paperless options. If you must have a hard-copy version of a document, consider only printing the pages you need, using recycled paper, and have it printed on both sides of the paper. This trims back your carbon footprint by creating less waste.

2. Reuse

Next, try to re-use your items while they still have life left in them. For example, you can use old newspapers for DIY projects or save packing material to repurpose later. Even if some of your items are broken or stained beyond repair, you can still find a way to reuse them. This will help you stretch your pennies further and reduce the number of items going into landfills.

Here are a few examples to start:

  • Use chipped mugs as plant pots for your indoor plants
  • Use an old umbrella to keep your garden furniture dry when it rains
  • Use an old stack of magazines to protect your desk from scratches and dents

Reduce the need to replace things like coffee mugs, clothing, and other items by learning how to mend and make repairs. And, when you go to buy new items, make sure you look for reusable items with lasting potential, such as steel water bottles, glass lunch boxes, and metal cutlery.

3. Recycle

Recycling is one of the most important things we can do for our planet. Therefore, take the time to sort your waste properly so you can decide which items you can reuse (like newspapers and old clothing) and the items you can take to a recycling centre (like glass bottles and jars, plastic bags, and old electronics).

Your local council website will help you find facilities in your area where you can recycle more unusual items such as old furniture, used batteries, and textiles.

And make sure you recycle smartly. Instead of simply throwing everything into your recycling bin, look out for the symbols on the bottom of your packaging to ensure you're recycling the right kinds of materials. This will be more environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

4. Rethink

Lastly, it’s important to rethink how you use supplies at home and in your workplace. Consider the value in buying recycled products and opt for materials made with recycled content whenever possible.

If you're a decision-maker (or can make suggestions) in your workplace, encourage your team to take advantage of technology that helps you reduce waste and maximise efficiency, like automated reporting software.

Does your office need new furniture or accessories? Consider looking at refurbished products in place of purchasing the shiny new options. It might surprise you how many years your refurbished products will last!

Alternatively, if you have a smaller business or startup, why not make friends with larger offices to see if they have any quality office furniture to donate from an old fit-out? If it's still in a reasonable condition and fit for purpose, fine! Use it again. Otherwise, consider giving it away to someone else in need.

In conclusion

There are many things we can do to help the planet on World Earth Day and beyond, including reducing your waste, repurposing items where you can, and recycling as much as possible.

The first step is to rethink how you use items and what happens in your home or at your workplace. Look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and provide a more environmentally friendly solution to your day-to-day activities. You can start small and still make a difference.

In 2022, let’s all celebrate Earth Day and renew our commitment to the environment. You too can be part of the change on this Earth Day!