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How to Create a Home Co-working Space

22 February 2022

Coworking has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is the process of collaborative working in one shared space, usually in someone’s home or in a coworking office. It is different to normal office work because it is organised away from the traditional workplace.

Here, we are going to discuss the benefits and advantages of coworking, and how this fantastic setup can take place in your own home without much adjustment at all.

The benefits of co-working

Some people don’t like working solo. Others find it harder to work solo due to the nature of their work. Collaboration and teamwork is important in certain job roles and can be harder to maintain when everyone is sat in a different location. Coworking means inviting others under your roof so that you can share a space, even if you are all working on different projects. Here are some advantages of coworking.

  • It’s sociable. If you get lonely quickly, coworking can help. You can chat to colleagues in the same room as you, just as you would do back at the office. You can share ideas, discuss projects and show each other your work. You can also take coffee breaks together, have lunch together and hang out ‘after work’ without having to commute.
  • It’s fun. Coworking is enjoyable and gives you the opportunity to laugh, joke, relax and share ideas with others. When you work alone you might miss out on that ‘office banter’ that comes with a traditional workplace setup. You can achieve that by coworking in your home.
  • You can rotate homes. If you get bored of working in your own home, you can set up a coworking space in your colleagues home and rotate. This gives your working week much more variety. You might even find you are more productive in someone else’s home. This is because you won’t have the home comforts you’re used to, so may be less distracted or less tempted to do other things.
  • You could be more productive. When you go to a gym, it can help to have someone spotting you. This influence can help you to work harder and meet your goals without cheating or skipping corners. The same can be said for the coworking environment. If you have someone there working alongside you, you are more likely to knuckle down and concentrate on your tasks. You will also be a good influence on your colleague, because they will be less tempted to slack off due to your presence.
  • Professional support when you need it. If you get stuck, have a question or want some feedback, having a coworker present can help. They can give you insights and feedback that you wouldn’t get if you were lone working, which can improve the quality of your work and your own professional knowledge and development.

How to set up a coworking space at home

If you are planning on inviting a colleague into your home to work, it’s important you have the right office setup. Being slumped onto sofas or sitting around a table that’s too high or low is going to reduce productivity. You should have the following:

  • A good set of office chairs. Ergonomic chairs are designed with your body in mind. With adjustable headrests, adjustable arms and height, and lumbar support, you and your coworking colleagues can be assured of better productivity, physical health and mental wellbeing. If you would like to learn more about ergonomic chairs, click here. If you would like to browse our range of ergonomic chairs, click here.
  • Adjustable desks. A desk should be sturdy, adjustable and easy to sit at. Straining your back or neck to reach a poorly constructed desk can cause physical pain and discomfort, leading to chronic problems. To learn more about ergonomic desks, click here. To browse our range of desks, including desk adjusters, click here.
  • Desk organizers. Keep your items separate and tidy when creating a coworking space. Ensure that wires are kept out of the way, pencils and pens are in holders and paperwork is organized in a drawer. To see our full range of accessories for your home office, click here.

Flexispot can help

At Flexispot, we want to make remote working and coworking easier, safer and more enjoyable. We do so by offering state of the art, innovative ergonomic technology, including chairs, desks, organizers and trays (and much, much more). You can browse our full range of affordable furniture by clicking here. Got a question? We are happy to help. Use the LiveChat feature to talk to our friendly staff and get advice on the best furniture for you.