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How to Be (and stay) Productive for 2022

07 March 2022

‘I've so much to get done, with so little time left on hand… so I'll start..tomorrow.’  and we all know that ‘tomorrow’ isn’t actually coming anytime soon. If you’ve been making this statement to yourself for the past year (or decade), don’t let it deceive you into thinking that this might actually work today. Let’s take a wild guess, you’re probably one of those people who procrastinate a lot while doing something important and somehow you managed to stumble across this article. Well, let’s just say this will be a good read and will actually be worth your time.

While most people emphasise on staying productive, what’s important is also being consistent about it. Irrespective of how your schedule is, for you to finish tasks you MUST stay consistent in getting them done that very day. Now how’s that like? Allow us to elaborate as we go over a few methods you can incorporate daily to raise your productivity level at home or at work.

Declutter your mind and workspace

If you’re going to work with a head full of thoughts, chances are you will end up being distracted within less than 2 minutes of you being into the task. The best thing to do is have everything prioritised and shift those unnecessary 2am thoughts, questions and assumptions at the back of your head till you can revisit them when you need to (which is at 2am of course). Look at your tasks like a flight of stairs, focus on the step you’re on and not the ones to come ahead, this should help you stay attentive and will keep your mind free of thoughts.

While you are at it, ensure you always start with a clean workspace. A messy room can distract you and shift your focus altogether, not to mention it may add to the lethargy and you may be uncomfortable for most of the time. Start a little early and tidy up the area before beginning, this will keep you at ease mentally and physically.

Prioritise your tasks daily (long term and short term)

If you have ten things to get done by the end of the day, prioritise them based on importance and time. A good tip is to always get done with the tasks that require minimal time and effort first, before moving on to other crucial ones. This will motivate you to get through the rest of your daily planner timely.

Create a schedule and time frame for every task and try to stay within that set budget. If something’s taking a bit too long, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from a colleague, friend or family member. Remember, while you’re getting done with the day-to-day tasks on your checklist, pay some attention to the short-term tasks that will contribute to your long-term objectives. Do not neglect it completely, as this may burden you and land you in some hot water in the future.

Keep track of the time you spend on your tasks

Let’s be real, you might now always be able to follow your schedule to the T. You can try to keep a grace period of 15 minutes for every task in case you’re done early or a little later from when you expected to finish it. However, if you have a long way to go, put it to a (temporary) halt and move on to another task. When you’re done with the other tasks on your checklist, feel free to revisit the remaining half-done ones.

Get rid of the multitasking habit

If listening to music or walking as you’re working is your ‘thing’ , quit it. You’re not actually multitasking, instead you’re just vigorously going back and forth between tasks. Not only is this exhausting, it is also unnecessary. The music you hear in the background that you’re not paying any attention to is just there, and is doing you no good. Try practising intense focus for a set amount of time to speed through your tasks instead of multitasking.

Take a break to enhance productivity

Breaks from the monotonous environment aren’t always there to distract you, sometimes it can also help you! A five to ten minute walk for you to grab some fresh air, a quick snack or exercise break should do you no harm, but instead will keep you even more productive when you resume your session.

Similarly, we also emphasise on sleeping and eating well. Neglecting your food and your sleep schedule will only create hindrances for you daily. Be sure to stay healthy so you’re fit for the rest of the day.

Incorporate these few habits into your daily lifestyle for the year ahead and we bet you’ll notice a great difference in no time.