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Father’s Day Gift Guide

17 June 2021

What’s in your mind when you think of your father? Is he kind, loving, authoritative? Whatever personality he has, you know that he loves you and only has your best interests at heart. You want to honour him with a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is coming up and you want to get your precious Dad something special — something that he will open and look at affectionately, something that he will know came from you with love.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, your Dad will always be someone you look up to and respect.

Do you remember special birthdays celebrated with him? What about when you turned 10, and he surprised you with that bicycle you wanted so badly.

It was black, with red handlebars and a red leather saddle. He helped you paint the wheel rims red as well. The bell was a piercing two-tone ring, and all your friends knew it was you racing to meet them.

They were all envious of that machine, even though they all had their own bikes.

And what about that time you lost track of the time and got home after dark. Your parents were both frantic with worry, but it was your Dad who came into your bedroom later that night and gently explained why you should not do that.

You realized he was worried about your safety, and that he was not trying to restrict you.

Your father has always had the biggest influence on your life.

You have always been able to talk to him and confide in him. He always had your back.

And you know what — he still does, even if you are married now and have your own family.

He adores your children, whom he plays with as if he’s twenty years younger.

You can relate much better now as to why he disciplined you when you were a teenager — you find yourself understanding him more.

The Legacy

As adults, You relate to each other on a different level — he wants to guide you around obstacles that he came across while he was a young parent, while still allowing you to make your own decisions (and mistakes).

You will take pleasure in passing on his name and legacy if you are a son, and as a daughter, you will know that your children will proudly carry his genes, as you do.

When you were young and curious, you would bombard him with a thousand questions on why things are as they are.

Now, you have mutual respect for each other’s knowledge of the world, and have no hesitation in asking the other’s advice should a situation come up that needs more thought.

You know your father will appreciate anything you do for him, materially or by example, exactly as you do with him.

None of us will ever forget our own father, whether he is with us in body or spirit.

Sometimes we have disagreements and sometimes these are serious.

Sometimes we have the best relationship with our father and find it easy to confide in him and ask his advice.

Either way, we love and respect our father, even if we disagree with him, respecting his decisions and philosophies better as we get older and maybe become parents ourselves.

Don’t forget that your father is a person in his own right, with his own dreams, hopes, and ambitions.

Maybe he put these on hold while he was raising you, or maybe he was able to give you a comfortable life and allow you to dream your dreams.

Your father is the symbol of togetherness and family love.

He would have loved and respected his father, and so back through the generations.

If you become a father yourself, you will take your cue from how your father influenced your life.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

So what is the best gift you can get him for Father’s Day this year?

You know he’s got an important job in the city and has his own office. He has twelve managers who work under him, and they have two hundred more workers under them.

You’ve been a little concerned about his health lately. He is not getting enough exercise and is sitting at his desk too much.

So, what about a FlexiSpot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk?

It’s elegant, environmentally friendly, durable and customizable — every feature has been well thought out.

It will even remind him when it’s time to change position from sitting to standing.

You are going to celebrate Father’s Day with your Dad of course.

What will you plan?

A walk in the beautiful park not far from home first thing in the morning with the whole family: the kids will love it and show off on the jungle gym.

Then back to your home for breakfast where you make his favourite pancakes.

You’ve told him his gift is a surprise, so you grab your laptop and log in to the FlexiSpot website.

He is delighted and loves the features of the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top.

Your Dad is tall, so being able to adjust the height of the desk to suit him is perfect.

The three built-in USB charging ports are so convenient, especially as your Dad needs his cell phone charged all the time with his many calls every day.

There’s even an embedded drawer where he can keep his keys and wallet, and his secretary can keep his diary.

Your Dad can’t make up his mind right away and says he will have another look and let you know which one he wants.

He spots the Gaming Desk GD1B. He knows your kids would be over the moon if they had their own space to play their beloved games.

It’s your son’s birthday in a couple of months, and your Dad makes a mental note that this will be the perfect gift.

With its sleek carbon fibre desktop and sturdy x-shape design, your son will be the envy of his friends. He can:

● Mount his own big-screen or two smaller screens

● Never lose his game controller with a built-in stand

● Keep things tidy with a convenient hook for his headphones

● Stay hydrated while he’s engrossed in winning, with a sturdy cup holder well within reach

There will still be ample space for him to stack his comic books, or let his little sister sit with him and read her beloved books.

But, back to your Dad.

He’s had another look and found the Crank Standing Desk H1

This one would be perfect to have at home. He can spoil your Mom with breakfast in bed as the desk slides conveniently into place.

As it comes in different colours and sizes, there will be a model that is suitable.

He could even buy two for the kids so they can do their homework side by side and adjust the height to suit each of them. No more uncomfortable perching on cushions to reach the table top!

He remembers when he was a boy and had to share space with his siblings while he was doing his homework.

How he would have loved the innovative and modern designs that are available today.

He would definitely have bought you a special desk, that you could have used for work and play. And your brother would have had his own as well, to stop you bickering over whose turn it was to use the desk.

Your Dad is struck by a thought: what if he bought you one for Father’s Day?

He loves to spoil and indulge his family, and he knows that you too have a busy work schedule. You try to spend as much time at home with the family as you can, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to work late hours.

Why not do it as comfortably as possible?

Your Dad is equally concerned about your health.

It’s important to change position often, at least every 30-60 minutes so that your body doesn't get too used to being in one position for hours at a time.

You have to watch out for backache, neck pain, and sometimes your wrists give you a twinge. You are getting to the stage where you have to look after your heart and treat it kindly.

What is Father’s Day?

We celebrate Father’s Day annually on the third Sunday in June, but how did it all start?

It was 111 years ago this year, in 1910, that an American woman, Sonora Smart Dodd, wanted to honour her father who had raised her and her 5 siblings single-handed.

Sonora Smart had heard a sermon about honouring mothers and wanted something similar that her own beloved father would be remembered for.

The occasion went through various changes before becoming what we celebrate today.


Whatever your relationship with your father, he is the reason you are here.

Think of him with love, respect, and admiration for pulling off the tough job that being a father is.

Your relationships with others will always be a reflection in some way of that with your father, so why not make it the best it can be.