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Dream Boldly with Our BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair

28 February 2024

Our BS12 Pro Brand Journey

In an exciting next step for FlexiSpot, we've created a series of playful concept videos to showcase some of our favorite pieces in a new light. We've incorporated possibility and creativity into each video, exploring everything our products can be in line with our defining brand ethos: work like new, live like new.

We were thrilled to reveal this brand ethos recently as a commitment to focus on adaptability and innovation, constantly thinking outside of defined boundaries to create better and brighter than ever before. In committing to work in this way at FlexiSpot, we've also refocused on how we can continue to inspire you to get creative and playful at work and home - every day should be an adventure!

When it comes to the BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair, we knew this had to be front and center of our brand video project. A trusted mainstay of our ergonomic chair range, the BS12 Pro incorporates support and flexibility in all tasks; work, home, or play. We felt there was no better way to showcase this than placing it as the centerpiece of a barber shop experience! In the BS12 Pro brand video, you can see how adjustable back tilt, headrest, height, and armrests all make for a seamless haircut experience. If we can trust the BS12 Pro for a crisp-looking cut, what could it do for you?!

Go and take a look at our new brand video for a full feel for the dynamic yet reliable feel of the BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair, and maybe get inspired to explore that new hairstyle you've been hesitating on(!). We'll explore the finer details below.

Dreaming Boldly: The FlexiSpot BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair

Enter the BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair: a game-changing addition to any workspace that nurtures ergonomic comfort, supports adaptable working, and empowers users to dream boldly.

At the heart of the BS12 Pro's design philosophy is a commitment to ergonomic excellence. The chair is meticulously engineered to promote proper posture and alleviate discomfort, allowing users to maintain optimal spinal alignment throughout the day, whatever their task. Its contoured backrest provides crucial lumbar support, reducing strain on the lower back and preventing slouching—a common cause of back pain and something we're all too familiar with these days. Additionally, the adjustable headrest and armrests offer personalized support, catering to all shapes and sizes.

The seat cushion of the BS12 Pro ergonomic chair is crafted from high-density foam, ensuring plush comfort and long-lasting resilience. Covered in breathable fabric upholstery, the seat promotes airflow and temperature regulation, preventing discomfort caused by excessive heat and moisture buildup. Whether tackling intensive projects or attending virtual meetings, users can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and focus, enhancing productivity and well-being.

We understand that modern workspaces demand flexibility and versatility. The BS12 Pro is designed to accommodate a wide range of tasks and activities, empowering users to adapt seamlessly to changing work requirements. Its synchronous tilt mechanism allows for smooth reclining and rocking motions, enabling users to shift between focused work and moments of relaxation with ease, whilst the chair's 360-degree swivel function facilitates effortless movement. All in all, the BS12 Pro is a champion for promoting collaboration and interaction in all you do!

Customizability is a key feature of the BS12 Pro. With multiple adjustable settings to suit individual preferences, users can fine-tune the chair's height, tilt tension, and reclining angle to create a personalized seating experience tailored to their unique needs. Whether engaging in intensive typing tasks, participating in video conferences, brainstorming creative ideas - or going for full color and cut(!) - the BS12 Pro provides the flexibility and support necessary for every need.

Level Up the FlexiSpot Way with the BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair

The BS12 Pro Ergonomic Chair is an absolute jewel in our brand crown, and we're so excited to see it showcased in our brand video series. From customer reviews to awards and features, this piece continues to deliver and we know it will make a reliable and loved addition to any home or workspace.

With its ergonomic design, adaptable features, and stylish aesthetic, the BS12 Pro empowers users to unleash their full potential, knowing they'll have all the comfort and support they need. So join us today; what will your next adventure be?