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Do Standing Desks Live Up to the Hype?

21 February 2022

Sitting has been called the new smoking. Standing desks have been widely declared as the solution. But do standing desks live up to the hype?

As standing desks began popping up in workplaces and universities, and articles began declaring their virtues en masse, it seems an increasingly good idea to invest in a standing desk of our own.

Yet despite the hype, you may still have questions about standing desks before you embark on your standing desk journey.

Here we answer the questions which hesitant standing desk purchasers commonly ask:

What are the benefits of standing desks?

Standing desks have many benefits! Here are the three major ones:

#1 Health:

Prolonged sitting is bad for our bodies, moods and general health. Diabetes, poor blood circulation and weight gain are just some of the health problems exacerbated by excessive sitting.

Standing desks can break the cycle of sitting by encouraging movement and allowing your body to shift unnatural pressure. Standing regularly helps blood circulation, relieves tension in the back, and activates the legs.

Taking a break from sitting by standing or walking around also benefits your mood and mental health by providing a refresh and helping you to feel re-energise.

#2 Posture:

Back pain is a well-known consequence of desk-bound work - especially when the office furniture is not suited to your body. But aches and pains in the shoulders, wrists and neck are also common.

Regularly changing your posture will help to lessen these aches and pains. Alternating between standing and sitting throughout your working day encourages you to be more mindful about your posture and lessens pressure on your body.

Another huge posture-related benefit is the fact that standing desks are always height-adjustable, so now your desk can accommodate your individual body’s needs. Simply having your desk at the correct height can reduce pain and tension in your shoulders, wrists, arms, neck, hips and back.

#3 Productivity:

Sometimes when we feel we are in a working groove, changing positions might seem counterproductive. However, improving your comfort levels will always improve your productivity. The change of stance can help to clear the mind, decrease tiredness, and reduce twinges in the body that you perhaps didn’t even notice.

Equally, many standing desks are equipped with motorised transition features and operate smoothly enough that neither you nor your cup of coffee will be disturbed as the desk transforms.

 Standing Desk EHD2

FlexiSpot’s Esben Height-Adjustable Desk EHD2

How should a standing desk be used?

Banish your fear of a gruelling 8-hour stand! The stand setting should only be used for around an hour at a time and should be integrated into a sit-stand-move daily routine.

For example, you might check your emails and enjoy your morning coffee for an hour while using the standing feature. Then you might sit for two hours to complete a complex task, before taking a short walk during your break. Then you might return to standing for another hour, before sitting for the last part of your shift.

Although standing desks have been proven to improve the health, posture and productivity of desk-bound workers, it’s important to remember that standing all the time has its own health risks. Anyone who has spent eight hours behind a till or on a factory floor will recognise the achy knees and swollen feet which excessive standing can cause.

A balance between sitting, standing and moving around during our working day is what we are aiming for.

Will a standing desk work in my home office?

Standing desks come in varied shapes and sizes to suit any office space.

Additionally, many companies also offer aesthetically-pleasing desks in a range of styles and colours, which will suit any room’s decor. Bamboo, wood and even concrete-effect desktops with a range of leg colour options allow for plenty of personalisation. See FlexiSpot’s range of standing desks which are designed to fit beautifully in any home.

I have a small budget - can I still get the benefits of a standing desk?

Of course! If space or budget are constraints, why not try an ergonomic chair to support your back? Or desk converters can bring the same benefits as a standing desk while taking up less space and commandeering less of your budget.

Equally, making sure to move about regularly through your working day is enough to improve your posture, mood and health.

 Standing Desk stand M18M

FlexiSpot’s Laptop Stand M18M

What special features should I be looking for in a standing desk?

There are standing desks available to suit all budgets and needs. However, here are some key features which you might consider as you search for your ideal standing desk:

- Sturdiness and smoothness for seamless transitions (some also offer anti-collision technology)

- Quality and lifting capacity

- Motorised control (some even come with memory control which store your ideal heights)

- Maximum height (especially important if you are very tall!)

- Desk surface size and design

- Easy-to-assemble guarantees

- Add-on accessories, such as monitor arms, keyboard trays or castor wheels

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