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Which Bed has the 3 main qualities I am looking for: Affordability, Health efficiency and Comfort?

14 September 2022

People are gaining more awareness about adjustable beds, thanks to all the articles promoting them and highlighting the substantial health benefits and advantages these beds offer. However, adjustable beds aren’t just a recent invention and were, in fact, invented in the 19th century by a doctor named Dr Willis D Gatch. Approximately 200 years since the adjustable beds first came out, they are now a lot more developed and possess many qualities that were once never even thought of! For example, the EB01, Flexispot’s best-selling adjustable bed, is one of the unique adjustable beds with more than just a few ordinary health benefits.

When speaking about a perfect bed, two things come to mind: firstly, when buying yourself a new bed, you will most likely prioritise health over other aspects; the last thing you want is to purchase a bed that will have a harmful effect on your health in the long term. Secondly, when purchasing a new bed, you will want to make sure that it is very comfortable and has some really cool features that will provide a luxurious feel and ensure you sleep well. I’m sure no one would like to spend their night in an uncomfortable setting, Right?

Well, the EB01 on Flexispot offers both of these and is extremely good for the health and comfort of a person who would like to get a premium quality of sleep. If you are searching for an affordable, health-beneficial and comfortable bed, you might want to consider buying yourself the EB01 for good reasons. In this handy guide, we will look at several advantages you will get with the EB01 and all the prominent reasons for its huge popularity on Flexispot- making it their best-selling adjustable bed!

To start with, the EBO1 is unanimously helpful for accommodating two people with different sleeping preferences. This is because the EB01 allows both people sleeping on the bed to have their settings functioning at the same time, and consequently, you can sleep with the bed adjustments you prefer whilst your partner sleeps with the adjustments they like!

In terms of affordability, the EB01 on Flexispot is very affordable and relatively low-priced at a price tag of only £380! If you compare this with other beds sold by famous and prestigious companies such as Ikea, you’ll find it to be incredibly inexpensive. As a matter of fact, if you visit Ikea (one of the most prominent furniture companies in the UK), you will find ordinary king-size beds to be a lot more expensive than the EB01- which is also a king-size bed. Hence, it is fair to say that the EB01 stands at a pretty reasonable price considering its features and long-term health benefits. It’s a king-size bed that costs less than the average king-size bed you will find on reliable companies such as Ikea, Argos, Amazon, and the list goes on!

In general, adjustable beds are very good for one's health as they offer all kinds of adjustable positions and adjustments. Suppose you have been suffering from back pain. In that case, you can easily adjust the bed's surface, which will be ideal for your spine and ultimately help your posture. To determine what sleeping position will help eliminate the pain you have in your body, you will have to try various sleeping positions until you find one that suits you the best. Alternatively, if you consult with an experienced doctor, they might also be able to tell you what sleeping positions you should optimise for your back pain. For those with digestion problems, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, circulation and snoring, you will be quite happy to hear that adjustable beds will bring you massive relief! According to several pieces of research done on adjustable beds, they are enormously helpful for people troubled with the conditions mentioned above as well as various other health problems such as for people with heart diseases, insomnia, and the list goes on!

Regarding the adjustment options in the EB01, here are a few adjustable positions that come with the EB01. Firstly, with the EB01, you will have head adjustment ranging from 0-60 degrees which is an excellent feature for people suffering from neck and upper-spine pain, not to mention for people that have to place pillows or other things behind their neck to read a book without experiencing difficulties. Moreover, you can make adjustments in the EB01 to whatever position you like with just a few clicks of a button!

Another great feature is the large under-bed storage available. It is perfect for people that would like to have extra space to place their different items. Some items that will fit perfectly under the EB01 are suitcases, iron stands, and other items.