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How does bedding affect your sleeping quality?

21 July 2022

After a long busy day, everyone wants to rest and snug into a comfortable bed. To get good quality sleep, comfort is key. The sheets you use on your bed may be a big reason if you are not getting the quality sleep you want at night. It is because the bedding you use can affect your sleeping in many ways. This guide will help you learn how essential good bedding is for you to provide you with a comfortable sleep.

How to choose the right bedding?

Bedsheets are made with various fabrics, some are natural, like cotton, while others are synthetic materials, such as polyester. Many people find satin or silky sheets alluring to buy, but the silky texture is not always breathable because it is made as a result of man-made materials. The synthetic bedding is cheaper as compared to the pure cotton one, but is less breathable and can quickly make you feel overheated because these sheets trap warm air. For a comfortable sleep throughout the night, it is essential to use natural fabric because it is breathable and can help your body in regulating temperature. Pure cotton is one of the best materials you can use for almost every season. Cotton bedding is made of 100% pure cotton, therefore is breathable and comfortable. It helps you regulate your body temperature means you will stay cool throughout the summer and warm on a cold winter night.

Understand the types of cotton

Cotton is known as the best material because of its breathable nature and natural manufacturing. However, it is important to understand that not all cotton is made equally. Some cotton materials are of higher quality than others. it is because the high-quality cotton fabric is made of 100% pure cotton which makes it stay softer, breathable, and long-lasting. If you are not sure, what type of bedsheet should you buy for your bed, you should try testing out different cotton weaves. Cotton fabric comes in different sorts of weaves, which describes the manufacturing and quality of the fabric. If you are looking for the softest, breathable and cosiest cotton bedsheet, it can only be obtained from premium quality cotton.

Consider the thread count

When it comes to shopping for bedding, the thread count of the sheet is the most important factor everyone needs to consider. The thread count of the bedsheet is the horizontal and vertical threads woven into a fabric per square inch. The high-quality thread count does not necessarily mean the bedsheet is of high quality. It depends on the type of fabric. In most cases, the thread count in the 400 to 500 range indicates the good quality of the bedsheet. However, in some cases, the quality of the bedding with a high thread count is far lesser than the beddings with less thread count.

Know how to maintain your bedding

To get a comfortable and better sleep at night, another thing that you need to understand is the maintenance of the bedding. Nothing can beat the comfort of fresh and clean bedding. Therefore, it is important to launder your new bedding at least two times before using it. In this way, you can remove the dirt and fabric treatment. Most people also don’t like the stiffness of the brand new sheets. So, washing your bedding two times can help you fix this issue. To feel comfort and cosiness, it is important to wash your bed sheets every week because fresh linens promote better sleep.

Change your bedsheets

The bedding we use is prone to germs, dirt and stains, which can cause a problem for health and skin. It is essential to change your sheets every week so you can enjoy the fresh and clean sheets every week. Constant washing can make the linen thin and uncomfortable, which makes it important to replace your linens every 18 months. If your budget does not allow you, you can only replace your pillowcases.

Final words

Feeling too hot or too cold is a common reason for disturbing your sleep. The human body works amazingly in regulating its internal temperature. However, a small change in the daily routine can make the body feel drastic and disrupt the quality of sleep. To maintain the overall body temperature and conserve more energy, our body naturally decreases its temperature at night. Therefore, the sheets we use should be cool and breathable to not trap heat. The trappy bedsheets can raise our internal body temperature and make us feel hot and sweaty. Too hot or too cold temperature can eventually disturb the quality of sleep, thus making us uncomfortable and lazy. Therefore, it can be said that the bedsheets play an important role in providing us with better sleep.