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Grab A Flexispot Bargain For Global Brand Day!

23 May 2022

Find Your Perfect Bargain With Flexispot This Global Brand Day

This year’s Global Brand Day falls on May 25th, and to celebrate this we’re so excited to be running some huge discounts across our range from May 23rd to May 25th. We all love a bargain, especially as we come into the Spring cleaning season and want to refresh our office space. If you’re eager for a bargain to kick start your summer of productivity, now is the time! Let’s take a look at some of our favourite Flexispot pieces, all with at least 25% off!

Standing Desk Pro Series E7

Perhaps you’ve been desperate to get  your hands on a brand new standing desk to boost your productivity this year - well this year’s Global Brand Day sale is the time to do it! Our Standing Desk Pro Series E7, one of our most loved bestselling standing desks, is on offer with 30% off, down from £329.99 to £279.99. Improve your posture and focus, and save £40 in the process!

With a robust dual motor lifting system with anti-collision feature to allow you to swiftly and safely transition from seated to standing, and a broad range of desktop design finishes, the Desk Pro E7 is a solid choice when making your first transition to a standing desk.

Active Standing Desk EQ5

Ready for a standing desk upgrade? Then the Active Standing Desk EQ5 may be just what you’re looking for. With a dual motor 3-stage frame, anti collision technology, and a height range from 62cm to 127cm, the EQ5 is a great option for workers needing the next level in standing desk technology.

A sit-stand reminder and height memory presets make for a more efficient and active working day; and you can save a huge 30% when buying during our Global Brand Day sale, taking the EQ5 home for just £209.99. What are you waiting for?!

BackSupport Office Chair BS8

If you’ve been struggling with back pain, aches, or strains from sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day, it’s time to invest in a new ergonomic office chair. The good news is, one of our favourite back support chairs is a huge 26% off in the Global Brand Day sale - so you can look after the health of your bank balance as well as your back!

The Back Support Office Chair BS8 has an advanced ergonomic design and anti-fatigue technology to help make back pain and poor posture a thing of the past. It also features fully adjustable height and incline functions, ensuring your comfort is fully adjustable throughout the day. The BS8 is on sale at £219.99 through to May 25th - get yours while you still can!

Sit2GO 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Increasing your activity during the working day is a tried and tested way to improve productivity, and boost your health. Making it more cost effective to invest in health and wellness gadgets is an extra incentive for all of us to get more active - and you can pick up the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair for just £249.99 this Global Brand Day - that’s a saving of nearly 40%!

With an adjustable and supportive seat and silent yet sturdy pedals, this fitness chair makes pedalling at your desk an easy and enjoyable activity, making activity an effortless addition to your work day. Make the most of our discount offers and get cycling while you work today!

Home Office Standing Desk EG1

For a standing desk on a budget, our Home Office Standing Desk EG1 is the best combination for value and quality.

With an adjustable height range between 71cm and 121cm, you can find the height that works perfectly for you, with plenty of desktop space to work from. Best of all, this desk has over 30% off in our sale, meaning you can make the transition to a healthier working day for just £149.99.

Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro

If all our talk of an active desk environment has got you inspired, how about investing in the next level in fitness seating? The Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro is our most advanced passive cycling seat yet, and incorporates stylish, functional design with comfortable activity to suit even the most stressful working day.

With 8 resistance settings, a fully-adjustable seat, and a spacious yet sturdy desktop space, the V9 Pro can take you to the next level of desk-based fitness, giving you the ultimate in activity, comfort, and productivity, for a fraction of the price of its competitors. In our Global Brand Day sale season, you can take advantage of a full 25% off, dropping the price of the V9 down to just £299.99.

Making The Most Of Global Brand Day

Whatever piece takes your fancy, making the most of our Global Brand Day discounts can help you make some positive changes to your work/life balance, improving both your workday productivity and your downtime, all whilst making your money go further. Take this opportunity to invest in some better habits, and see what Flexispot can do for you.