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9 Must-Haves For Your Office Desk

08 June 2022

The office desk is typically the focal point of a workspace, where the majority of the action takes place. Many activities happen at the heart of an office - the work desk - including writing notes, typing manuscripts, signing documents, and preparing drafts.

Surely, some tools aid in carrying out these office duties. Each item has unique functions to improve productivity in a work environment. And being unable to access these tools easily can make your work a bit more difficult than usual.

Hence, some of these valuable office equipment needs to be closer to your work desk.

That said, there are several office items and not every one of them can fit on your desk. Some may not be in constant use, so you can afford to keep them someplace else.

In this article, we will be discussing a few of these office items that should stay on or around your office desk, and they include:

1. Monitor mount

The monitor mount is an excellent addition to your office desk, as it offers immeasurable ergonomic benefits. This accessory specifically benefits your posture, as it helps ensure that you sit more comfortably at your desk.

Furthermore, monitor mounts are designed to bring the monitor screen closer to the face level, reducing strain on your eyes, neck, or back to read.

Meanwhile, with the use of these mounts, you can rotate the monitor at different angles, allowing you to convert the screen to various image orientations - portrait and landscape - at will.

2. Personal fan

At times, leaving your desk to adjust the office thermostat can be a big ask. So, it becomes essential to keep a personal fan on your desk to provide cool air.

However, since you won’t want your fan getting in the way of your work, consider purchasing a wireless fan that isn’t noisy. It will help ensure that your work productivity is maintained or improved.

3. Anti-fatigue mat

An anti-fatigue mat is a support board and an excellent accessory for your workspace, especially if you spend long hours working on your feet.

Extended periods of standing can put pressure on the lower back and legs, causing discomfort in this body region. However, having an anti-fatigue mat at the foot of your office desk can help alleviate this pain and increase blood circulation to your feet.

4. Keyboard trays

Although it may seem a bit out of style, a keyboard tray is still an essential item for most modern workspaces. It provides significant ergonomic benefits and makes work a lot more comfortable.

If your keyboard is placed too high or low on your desk, typing can become uncomfortable for your fingers and wrists over time.

On the other hand, using an adjustable keyboard tray will help ensure that your wrist is in a good position, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome.

5. Paper tray

It’s very easy for stand-alone documents to get lost in a sea of white sheets, and that may be the case if you don’t use a proper organizational component. So, you should consider keeping a paper tray on your office desk, especially if you deal with a lot of paperwork.

Paper trays are good items for arranging your files and documents more efficiently. They usually come with multiple shelves and levels to temporarily store paperwork. Consequently, they help reduce desk clutter, easing the process of document retrieval.

6. Cable organizer

Your workspace can look a tad unpleasant when several wires and cables are scattered. While wireless charging can help alleviate this problem, the innovative technology is not compatible with all devices.

Because some devices may require a cable to function, you should consider purchasing a cable organizer to keep your wiring neat and your work desk tidy.

7. Desk lamp

A desk lamp is an essential item on your work desk, especially if your office’s lighting is low. Also, desk lamps can help illuminate your workspace on cloudy days or when the sun goes down.

8. Calendar

Physical calendars are must-have items for your office desk. Although calendars are usually available on your smart devices, it might help to have a desk calendar.

With this item, you can write down meetings and appointments immediately after they are set. Also, you can use physical calendars to keep track of important dates and deadlines as you work.

9. Clock

Clocks, like calendars, are available on virtually all electronic devices, making desk clocks seem a little old-fashioned.

Contrary to general opinion, having a clock on your table may never go out of style, as it adds a unique appeal to the outlook of your workspace.

Furthermore, it may assist you in keeping better track of your time, thereby improving your time management skills.


Above are some valuable items you need to have on or around your office desk. Some of these items make your tasks easier by simply providing ergonomic benefits.

Meanwhile, some other items perform unique functions, which directly contribute to your productivity at the workplace.