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5 Ways an Organised Desk Improves Productivity

06 December 2021

A tidy desk can make the world of difference to your productivity levels. Not only will you find things more easily, but enjoy a less stressful working environment leading to an improvement in mood.

Conversely, abandoning your desk and leaving it in a state of disarray can lead you to disaster.

Here are 5 ways decluttering your desk can help you with work.

1. You won’t waste time looking for things

If you spend too much time trying to find your stapler or lose an important document right before a meeting, you’re going to look unprofessional to your colleagues and get far less work done. This is why it’s important to have proper storage organizers to help you remember where everything is. An under desk drawer is a good place to begin. The FlexiSpot Under Desk Draw adds storage space to your desk. It is discreetly placed in the bottom of the desktop without taking up the desktop space. It can hold your office accessories and personal items like notebooks or your work phone.

2. You will have a decluttered mind

When we clear our space, our minds relax more. Conversely, when our homes and offices are messy and cluttered, our minds can reflect our environment. Stress is more likely to be induced if you’re surrounded by dirt and paperwork. A clean space can eliminate stress and give you a more positive outlook. A mesh desk organizer is a lovely way to store your documents and important paperwork so that you’re not surrounded by mess.

3. You’ll be less likely to lose important documents

Following on from point 2, a desk organizer is a great way to keep hold of important documents. If you lose a confidential document, there can be dire consequences. Data protection laws mean that you could even face serious problems if you misplace sensitive data. It’s crucial for your productivity and your professional reputation that you store documents securely. The FlexiSpot mesh organizer is a fantastic tool for this. It has 3 drawers and a back storage facility to allow you to store a lot of documents in a tidy, small space.

4. You’ll appear more professional

If you walk into someone’s office for a meeting, first impressions count. If you are greeted by a very unkempt environment, including paperwork everywhere and tangled wires and disorganized files, you’re going to think a lot less of that person. You’ll draw conclusions that if they cannot take care of their desk then they cannot take care of business. And who wants to do business with someone like that? So, it’s important for your reputation to be neat and tidy at all times. This includes in front of clients, colleagues, partners and visitors.

5. You’ll help reduce a fire hazard

When wires get tangled, it causes a fire risk. This is why we recommend the Flexispot cable duct. It has a ventilation design, meaning the wires stay safe and secure and don’t overheat. The cable duct is also great at protecting your pet from chewing on the wires. Similarly, too much paperwork can be a fire hazard as it’ll spread a flame quickly if one were to be present. This is another reason that a desk organizer is a great investment.

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