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5 Creative Ideas for an Illustration Studio

26 March 2021

Fresh illustration ideas or concepts don’t come by easily. However, an inspiring illustration studio and bright room design enables artists to come up with unique enthusing arts. As an artist, if you want to unleash your creative spirit and produce top-ranking exotic crafts, you'll need to have an illustration studio.

While establishing an art studio at home may appear like a far-fetched goal, it's actually achievable even when working on a tight budget. Designing a thoughtful illustration studio for an artist calls for a creative approach as well as paying attention to small details. Here are five creative ideas for setting up an illustration studio at home.

Creating an Illustration Studio in Your Home

When it comes to creating an illustration studio at home, you'll want to consider the vital elements of art studio design, i.e., natural light coupled with efficient artificial lighting designs. You'll also want to consider the location of the studio as well as furnishing ideas. Preferably, go for spaces with large windows facing the northern side of the building. This is because such spaces receive indirect sunlight creating diffused light. A combination of artificial lighting will make the room a fabulous art studio.

Similarly, rooms facing the north-west direction are great for setting up an outstanding illustration studio. Such rooms offer beautiful sunset views, which, when accented with various natural colors emanating from the interior, paintings, or décor, make the space marvelous. Imagine painting in the evening when the sun is just about to set-you'll undoubtedly come up with fabulous, thought-provoking artworks from this room.

When setting up an art studio at home, you don't need massive spaces. You can transform any room in your house into your dream illustration studio. Just ensure the room receives lots of natural lights, is well-ventilated, offers access to running water or a slop sink, and has a sufficient working surface.

Some spaces in your home that can be best transformed into an illustration studio include:

Dining Room

If you have a dining room that is rarely used, but it's well lit, you can revamp it into a spacious home illustration studio. Install shelves, a sizable drawing table, and places for hanging drying paintings, and you'll have your very-own customized art studio.


If you have an extra bedroom or a small flex room, you can establish your illustration studio in there. Simply install the necessary furnishings and change the interior décor as desired. A bedroom illustration studio will confer some privacy plus ensure that you work in a quiet environment for enhanced creativity. However, ensure the windows are wide opened for maximum ventilation, especially when working with supplies or paints with strong chemical odors.


Most artists, especially those working on grand scale paintings or sculptures, have an illustration studio in their outdoor shed. By building a home art studio in an outdoor shed, you will certainly avoid distractions and annoying noises. Besides, you'll be able to safely store your art supplies with no external interference.


While a basement doesn't have natural lighting and ventilation provisions, it's an amazing space for setting up your illustration studio. You can revamp the entire basement or a section of it to be a home art studio by installing a dehumidifier and beautiful artificial lights that match your artwork's theme. Also, you'll need to install a thick carpet to protect the floor and build shelves to store all your supplies and equipment. Basements offer loads of space, meaning that you can efficiently store your supplies, arts, and drying paintings or sculptures.

Attic Space

An attic space is another excellent space you can set up your illustration studio. Attic spaces offer exemplary views, especially when the large windows face the north-west sunset direction. Such views elicit your creative spirit, ensuring you come up with aesthetically pleasing art pieces. However, since attic spaces are susceptible to heat from the roof, be sure to install heat insulation and an air condition system to achieve a comfortable working space and prevent heat from damaging your artwork.


With wide doors allowing for natural light coupled with cement floors in case of accidental spills, a garage can be a fantastic place to establish an art studio. Besides, garages are vast and spacious, thus offering lots of possibilities for both storage space and workspace. Convert your garage to an optimal illustration studio by installing drawing tables, pegboards, and shelves to store your supplies.


5 Creative Ideas for Your Illustration Studio

With a bit of creativity and design inspiration, you can seamlessly transform any spare space, whether small or large, in your home into your dream illustration studio. Check out these five creative ideas for your art studio.

  1. Wall Color Portrays You as an Artist

    The interior of your illustration studio plays a crucial role in arousing your creativeness. Therefore, it's essential to choose a paint color that will stimulate your creative energy, making it easier for you to work. In selecting a suitable wall paint for your studio, you would want to go for a neutral but inspiring color. Choose a color that's not too bright nor too dark, just in between.

    A bright wall paint will make it quite difficult for you to focus, while a dull, dark color will diminish your creative spirit.

    Simply choose a color that you love to foster your creativeness. For instance, white walls are perfect for displaying art pieces and can be pretty inspiring, especially when combined with natural light emanating from large windows.

    If your creativity blooms in darker spaces, you can consider painting your walls with olive green and blending it with dark wooden furniture. All in all, the wall color you choose should be a reflection of you as an artist.

  2. Your Art Studio Table Speaks Volume-Choose it Wisely.

    A desk or table is one of the most vital installations in your art studio, whether you're painting, sculpturing, or doing graphic design. A desk will ensure you draw, sketch or design comfortably, even for long hours. Other desks also offer additional functionality, including storage space, height adjustability, and charging support.

    If you’re looking for the best table for your illustration studio, consider FlexiSpot all-in-one standing desk. This practical standing desk is versatile. It employs a classy design and packs outstanding features, including convenient USB charging, spacious embedded drawer to store your art supplies, programmable height presets with a tempered glass tabletop. The table occupies minimal space, making it suitable for both small and spacious illustration studios. This table will undoubtedly boost your productivity and enable you to be more creative. Some of its pros include:

    • 1 Type C & 2 Type A USB charging ports
    • Spacious Storage Drawer
    • Programmable Height Presets
    • Tempered Glass Table Top
    • Thoughtful Anti-collision Function.
  3. Spruce Up Your Studio with Customized Storage Storage is quite essential when it comes to establishing an illustration studio, especially in small spaces. Freestanding shelves are cheaply available, and you can use them for storage purposes. However, if you'd like to get a little creative when it comes to storage options, you may choose different storage options to stay organized while still portraying a creative touch.

    For creative storage options, you can repurpose wine racks, store canvas in wall mounted holders, employ vertical storage, use plastic totes on shelves or under tables, use wire shelving units, or repurpose old card catalogs to achieve a vintage look. When it comes to storage options, it all depends on your creativity level and the theme you'll want to accomplish in your studio.

  4. Get More Creative With Personalized Touches Creative personalized touches in your studio inspire your creativity and make the studio unique to you. When establishing an illustration studio, add a personalized touch based on the kind of artist you are. Creative personalized touches may include framed art accolades, hanging a beautiful tapestry, hanging arts in a particular way to tell a story, or hanging framed photos that create a sense of history.

    You can also personalize your studio with the addition of plants, curtains, fun rug, etc., to make your home studio more comfortable and domestic.

  5. Experiment with Minimalism Your home illustration studio doesn't have to be crowded. In fact, you'll be more creative in open, bright spaces. To achieve a minimalist illustration studio, trim your art supplies down to just the essentials leaving the rest of the room open, simplistic, and clean. To spruce it up, you can decorate the interior with a classy chandelier to light it up, complete with rustic furniture.


Being an artist and creating art pieces within the comfort of your own home can be pretty fulfilling. However, where to set up your home art studio and how to decorate it can be daunting. Nonetheless, you surely need a home illustration studio since your canvases and easels can’t just take up space in your living room. Your very own art studio is a sacred sanctuary, a creative space where all your artistic ideas come to life. Whether you want to set it up in a smaller room or a bigger space, the FlexiSpot all-in-one standing desk would complement your illustration studio.