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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

24 June 2022

On average, most of us spend a third of our days in one particular room of the house: our bedroom. This room, however, can be overlooked in favour of spending our decorating and design energy on the lounge and kitchen.

But the way we design our bedrooms is crucial. The bedroom is a space for rest, relaxation, and - most importantly - sleep. With this in mind, designing a cosy, calming space is key to getting good quality sleep.

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you by collating the best tips to level up your bedroom game with some simple changes.

1. Opt for a Comfortable Bed

The most essential part of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. Opting for a comfortable bed and mattress is key to getting a good night’s sleep. But which type of bed is best for you?

Adjustable beds offer maximum comfort on your terms, with a headboard that can be adjusted to various degrees for your needs - no more craning your neck uncomfortably when you’re reading before bed. No more stacking pillows because you can’t get your head to the perfect height.

With beds like this adjustable bed from FlexiSpot, you’ll never need to suffer back or neck discomfort again.

As well as investing in an adjustable bed, opt for a mattress that suits your needs and choose silk pillows to keep your skin happy while you sleep. Many sleepers struggle with feeling too hot or cold in bed, so decorate your bed with layers such as blankets. That way, you can add or remove layers until you reach your perfect temperature.

2. Add Extra Flourishes

Sometimes, the smallest things can have the most significant impact and completely change the vibe of your bedrooms. Some of our favourite small additions include books, lamps, and candles. Make sure your nighttime lighting is relaxing by opting for a bedside lamp rather than just one large light in the centre of the room.

Is your bedroom full of empty shelves? Fill them with a set of colour-coordinated books. Do you have empty space on your bedside table? Invest in a small cactus to add a green flourish to your room. Do you have old home design magazines hanging around in a cupboard? Lay them out on a table in your bedroom for extra pizzazz.

Other ways to take your bedroom to the next level with accessories include hanging wall art and tapestries, and hanging a notice board filled with pictures, notes, and souvenirs.

3. Expand the Room With Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t only a tool for checking our appearance. Mirrors have a secondary use - making a room feel bigger. Mirrors distort our perception of the size of a room, so adding one to your bedroom can make the room feel bigger and more spacious.

The more mirrors you have in your bedroom, the more expansive the room will feel. If you want to increase the brightness of your bedroom, place a mirror facing the window that lets in the most sunlight. That way, the mirror will reflect the sun rays and spread them out across the room, giving you a room full of bright, natural lighting. For an extra flourish, opt for a uniquely-shaped mirror or a mirror with a retro trim.

4. Invest in Plants

Plants can brighten up any room with glowing green leaves and unusual shapes. Some plants even improve a room’s air quality – making your bedroom not only more stylish but healthier, too! Plants can absorb harmful gases, producing cleaner air for all your bedroom’s inhabitants.

Plants are also a great way to fill empty space in your bedroom. Do you have a couple of bare-looking shelves? Opt for a spider plant whose long leaves will fall over the side of the shelf in a cool-looking cascading effect.

5. Be Smart With Storage

While it’s nice to have accessories around the bedroom, nobody likes clutter. Opt for innovative storage solutions that allow you to put your things neatly away without ruining the vibe of your bedroom.

Under-bed storage is a great option for clothes that won’t fit in your wardrobe or miscellaneous items. Adding baskets at the bottom of your wardrobe is the perfect way to store shoes, bags, and other accessories. Using dividers in your drawers can help you better organise your belongings and make them easier to find.

The Bottom Line

The importance of having a calm, comfortable bedroom can’t be overlooked. From adding plants to your shelves to using innovative storage and investing in an adjustable bed, there are tons of ways to make your bedroom the ideal place to sleep in.

However you choose to spruce up your bedroom, put rest and relaxation at the heart of your decorative choices.