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5 Benefits of Using an Office Desk Compared to a Worktop

16 May 2022

It is well-known that happier employees are more productive. Workplace happiness can come from a wide variety of places, including your coworker relationships, your client relationships, and even your own office.

The furniture in your office makes a big difference in how happy you are throughout the day. It is not just about the style and aesthetic but also the comfortability and functionality of the furniture.

As a result of that - it is crucial that appropriate furniture is used when setting up an office space. Well-chosen office furniture will provide a better working experience and environment. It will help you avoid back pain and other adverse health issues, which will keep you focused and productive.

Among the important pieces of furniture that should be included in the office is an office desk. People with office jobs spend a ton of time at their desks, and because of that - there is a bit of discourse around what makes the best workplace in an office space.

While some people may claim the worktop is a great choice, a proper and ergonomic office desk is the best option for an enjoyable and functional workspace.

So, in this article, we will take a look at 5 of the main benefits of using an office desk compared to a worktop.

1. Adjustability

A well-fitting office desk makes all of the difference. Many modern office desks have different levels of adjustability, giving them the ability to suit anyone’s needs.

A fixed worktop promotes a sedentary lifestyle. It is well-known that a majorly sedentary lifestyle puts a person at risk for many negative health problems. The risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and premature death all go up when a person remains sedentary for too long over time.

Sitting for a long period of time can also adversely affect your posture and cause spinal damage. This is why adjustability is needed.

Finding a great adjustable office desk allows you to not only adjust to your seated needs but also promotes movement during the day, as you can adjust it to a standing level or fit an ergonomic or active-seating chair.

None of this is possible with a worktop.

2. Keyboard Positioning

Keyboard positioning goes hand in hand with adjustability. This may sound silly, but the position of your keyboard is actually a crucial part of how you work throughout the day if you have an office job.

Office desks allow for the proper arm position that is needed while typing. An appropriate office desk will allow you to type in a more natural and relaxed position. This promotes good posture throughout the day and decreases slouching.

Not only are there health benefits, but proper keyboard positioning also improves your input speed. This means you will be more efficient throughout your workday. And if you were to use a worktop, chances are that there wouldn't be enough desk space for you to play around with the positioning of your keyboard.

3. Higher Productivity

Comfortable and happy employees are more productive overall. There is plenty of research to back this up. If you need to leave your workplace all the time to get in proper movement or because you are sick, efficiency will decrease, which affects productivity.

Proper office desks add to a well-designed office space to provide a better working environment. People will be able to focus better and feel better when working at an adequate office desk.

When workers have a proper desk in their office space, they can focus on their output and increase efficiency, which improves productivity their overall.

4. Increased Happiness

If you are in less pain physically and in a less negative space mentally, you are bound to be healthier and happier in the long term. An excellent office desk allows a person to experience fewer pain-related issues and have a better mental state as a result.

This is mostly because well-made office desks are often height-adjustable, which allows the employee to switch between sitting down and standing up throughout the day.

This promotes happiness among workers and allows for greater job satisfaction. When employees do not have to dread coming to work and sitting in an awful workspace, they will be more motivated, less stressed, and more efficient.

5. Better Organization

A well-designed office desk will come with plenty of features that can keep your desk nice, tidy, and organised like pen holders, headphone hangers, and even drawers. At the end of the day - an organised workspace will boost your focus, mental health, and increase your efficiency and productivity, which are all important for getting your work done.

Without staying organized, we can quickly fall behind on the things we need to do. A cluttered space can also cause workers to be stressed, anxious, and depressed, which are never good things as those can impact an employee's focus and productivity.


While worktops are alright to use in workspaces, they are often not the best long-term solution. A proper and well-designed office desk is always the way to go when setting up your office space.

Modern office desks provide many features that promote physical and mental wellness within the workplace. Whether it is something big, like adjustability, or something small, such as keyboard positioning, all of these things are why an office desk is the better overall choice.