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FlexiSpot Brand Day 2024 Events Calendar

03 May 2024

Get ready for FlexiSpot's Brand Day Events - a celebration of innovation, comfort, and incredible savings! From May 6th to May 31th, we're offering a series of exciting promotions and flash sales on our top-quality ergonomic products. Whether you're in the market for a standing desk, an office chair, or a recliner, you won't want to miss out on these unbeatable deals. Let's get into the details of each event and discover how you can transform your workspace while saving big. Let's get started!

Event 1: Early Bird, Early Code (6-12 May)

You can kickstart your journey to a healthier work environment with FlexiSpot's Early Bird offers. From May 6th to May 12th, seize the opportunity to upgrade your workspace with exclusive discounts on selected products. Among these coveted deals are:

E8 Standing Desk: Get ready to experience the epitome of ergonomic design with the E8 Standing Desk. Designed to adapt to your work style, this height-adjustable desk promotes flexibility and comfort. During the Early Bird promotion, the E8 Standing Desk is available at the special price of £279.99, down from its original price of £439.99.

--shopstart--{"id":48058,"link":48058,"name":"Standing Desk For WFO and WFH E8","shortName":"E8","url":"//","salePrc":439.99,"originalPrc":439.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE","itemFootMarkValue":0,"itemFootMarkInput":"-£140"}--shopend--

BS8: Be ready to elevate your seating experience with the BS8 ergonomic chair. Crafted with premium materials and ergonomic features, the BS8 ensures optimal support and comfort during long work hours. Don't forget to grab this opportunity to own the BS8 at the discounted price of £199.99, a significant reduction from its original price of £299.99.

--shopstart--{"id":48021,"link":48021,"name":"Flexi-Chair Ergonomic Office Chair BS8","shortName":"BS8","url":"//","salePrc":219.99,"originalPrc":299.99,"itemFootMarkType":"INSTANT_REDUCTION","itemFootMarkValue":80,"itemFootMarkInput":"-£100"}--shopend--

Event 2: Flash Sale for Our Popular Products (6-12 May)

Be ready to be dazzled by FlexiSpot's Flash Sale extravaganza, featuring irresistible discounts on our most sought-after products. From May 6th to May 12th, gear up for four exciting flash sale sessions, each targeting different product categories:

Standing Desk Flash Sale (11 am, 6th May): You can experience the future of ergonomic workstations with the Q8DB-EU standing desk. Designed for seamless transitions between sitting and standing, the Q8DB-EU empowers you to work smarter and healthier. During this flash sale, you can seize the opportunity to purchase the Q8DB-EU at the unbelievable price of £99.99, a staggering reduction from its original price of £699.99.

Office Chair Flash Sale (11 am, 8th May): Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to productivity with the BS10 Office Chair. Engineered for exceptional lumbar support and comfort, the BS10 Office Chair is a game-changer for your home or office. So, don't miss out on the chance to own this premium chair at the unbeatable price of £49.99, down from £429.99.

--shopstart--{"id":48043,"link":48043,"name":"BackSupport Office Chair BS10","shortName":"BS10","url":"//","salePrc":199.99,"originalPrc":399.99,"itemFootMarkType":"INSTANT_REDUCTION","itemFootMarkValue":200,"itemFootMarkInput":"-£160"}--shopend--

Recliner Flash Sale (11 am, 10th May): You can get involved in ultimate relaxation with the XR5 Recliner. Featuring luxurious padding and ergonomic design, the XR5 Recliner offers unparalleled comfort for your leisure time. Therefore, go and secure your spot in this flash sale to bring home the XR5 Recliner for only £99.99, a remarkable discount from its original price of £499.99.

Event 3: Number Games (6-28 May)

Be ready and prepare for a thrilling challenge with FlexiSpot's Number Games! From May 6th to May 28th, put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and win exciting prizes. Here's how it works:

Objective: The goal is to clear the board in 125 seconds by finding numbers that add up to 10.

How to Play: Scan the board for numbers that add up to 10, frame them, and cross them out to earn points.

Scoring: Earn points based on the number of digits you clear in a single move. The scoring system is as follows:

Score Points Earned Reward
≥70 500-50 Cash Reward
≥80 400-40 Cash Reward
≥90 300-30 Cash Reward
≥100 300-40 Cash Reward
≥110 CMP207 Product
≥130 CB10-H-W Product
≥140 E7W Product

Prizes: Compete for a chance to win cash rewards and exclusive products such as the CMP207, CB10-H-W, and E7W. The leaderboard prizes are as follows:

Rank Prize
1 E7+PR1208-BAMBOO+BS6
2-5 Q8DB
6-10 E8+PR1208-BAMBOO


1. Each level rewards players with cash or coupons only once.

2. Rewards are automatically sent to the player's account.

3. The leaderboard will be finalized on May 28th at 23:59:59. Winners will be contacted via email within three days.

4. Prizes are subject to updates, so stay tuned for future seasons of the game.

Event 4: Free Order & Shop Early, Save More (13-17 May)

Time: 11 am, 13th May & 11 am, 17th May

You can take advantage of the ultimate reward with FlexiSpot's Free Order event. So, be one of the first 20 orders on May 13th and May 17th to receive your order completely free of charge. Thus, don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your workspace without spending a penny!

Event 5: Shop Early, Save More

Time: Starting at 20:00 on 13th May, lasts until 17th May

You can get a head start on savings with FlexiSpot's Shop Early, Save More event. Starting at 8:00 PM on May 13th and continuing until May 17th, unlock exclusive discounts on our best products, including the E7Q and BS12 Pro. Hurry, as these discounts are available for a limited time only!

--shopstart--{"id":138001,"link":138001,"name":"4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q","shortName":"E7Q","url":"//","salePrc":649.99,"originalPrc":799.99,"itemFootMarkType":"NONE","itemFootMarkInput":"-£300"}--shopend--

Event 6: Sitewide Discounts (18-31 May)

You have the chance to finish strong with FlexiSpot's Sitewide Discounts event! From May 18th to May 31st, enjoy £30 off orders over £400 sitewide. Plus, when you purchase the E7, you can add the CB10 multifunctional locker to your cart for just £9.9. Therefore, don't miss this chance to save big on premium ergonomic products for your home or office.


Don't forget to take advantage of FlexiSpot's Brand Day Events. With a lot of exceptional discounts, you can make your life easier and better. Make a list of products that you need, and don't forget to mark your calendars for the event. Visit FlexiSpot to get the maximum out of this wonderful lifetime sale.