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Decluttering and Mental Health

07 May 2021

A clean surrounding makes up a clear mind. Some research on mental health shows that having a clean surrounding has an impact on mental health. Leaving your room or workstation with too much clutter and with papers, notebooks, files in disarray, other supplies spread all over your desk, it will possibly make you irritable and stressed out. Don’t you think so? While people can work on a messy table, the majority can’t. When your table is full of things in disarray, it was found that the brain considers work is not yet done. This produces a stressful situation that may lead to depression.

Mental health includes a clear mind and thinking, sound judgment, and good behavior. Today, public health experts find mental health as one the most important and relevant issues due to the increasing cases of mental illness and disorders brought about by stress, depression, and anxiety. Today, many people around the world are facing a lot of personal challenges and health issues such as a pandemic. 

 The widespread effect of the virus also produced a lot of changes in how we live and how it seriously affected a lot of people worldwide. There was a ripple effect when the virus came into our midst. We lost many family members due to coronavirus, many lost their jobs, and thousands of business establishments such as restaurants cannot do anything but close shops. So, what is happening today has affected us and our family, our financial situation, and how we focus more on protection from contracting the virus.

Stress and depression cases these days are quite alarming that both public and private sectors are working hand in hand to reduce such cases, especially in the workplace. Working from home became an option for workers to avoid contact with others who may be carrying the virus. Different health protocols were cascaded by business organizations down to the rank-and-file employees such as social distancing that are meant to be followed by everyone.

As we know some of the root causes of stress and depression, we can do something for ourselves to reduce such mental disorders in our little way because if not, we could be the next victim. 

As mentioned before, one of the causes of stress that may lead to depression is when our surroundings or our work table is cluttered. So, we have to clean up everything with desk tidies in our room and other spaces that may trigger stress. Whether or not you are working or just a plain housewife, cleanliness is the best thing that you could do to your home office and all parts of the house. 

Decluttering or organizing your space not only reduces the risk of stress and depression, but research also shows that having a clean space promotes a good mood such that we can work efficiently if we are happy and satisfied. In addition, studies show that cleaning also reduces exhaustion and improves our sense of focus.

In other words, simple decluttering and cleaning of our surroundings including our workstations can give us many health benefits mentally and physically. While for some, cleaning is sometimes tiring and boring, others are enthusiastic and excited to clean, those who are called Germaphobes are people who are said to be infatuated with sanitation. But we do not need to be like them. We just have to be a normal organizer of things, decluttering out decks, and tidying them for a better and neat-looking space. 

If we do not have the time to clean up and declutter our space. There are people whose jobs are to clean homes. You can find them in your neighborhood or you may choose to hire companies that specialize in home cleaning so it will not be a burden on your part as long as you can pay for their services, everything, as planned, will be done and completed. 

Since the pandemic started, work from home arrangements got more popular and many workers find it very beneficial to work from home. Of course, if you have your own space, you can design your workstation, place some furniture like work tables or desk, and an ergonomic chair, if possible. When everything is in place, cleaning, organizing, and arranging everything on your desk will come naturally.

One good product that will help you in organizing your workstation comes from FlexiSpot. I believe that everyone knows this prestigious company. It is known all over the world for creating and designing premium quality products with innovative designs and styles with functionality at its best. This product is an organizer that you could place on your table or desk to get rid of different kinds of clutter in your desks such as papers, office supplies, letters, and all other things that hamper your work and occupies more space on your desk.

The Mesh Desk Organizer DO01 is a gem on your desk. It has all the features of a truly perfect organizer that any worker will love. It has handsome features combined with its functionality. For example, its size is just ideal to be placed at the corner of your desk and this will help to declutter your workspace.

Aside from being a clutter buster, it is easy to assemble with many storage spaces to put all papers and other not-so-important things in its drawers. The three-tier design has a three-compartment sliding drawer and vertical shelf at the back. It also has side frames for easy lifting and handling.

The Mesh Desk Organizer DO01 boasts functionality with the accessory drawer that can be used separately and is ideally used to hold stationery and small trinkets. Meanwhile, the three sliding trays can hold documents and notebooks. You can also use the vertical storage area to organize your folders and binders in one place. So, this drawer has a unique, well-thought-out, and versatile design,

To top it all, nothing can beat this premium quality organizer made of top-notch mesh metal and a smooth black finish. The feet are covered with anti-slip rubber to prevent sliding or scratching surfaces. Please visit the Flexispot website to get one for yourself. It is a gem on your desk.