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Comparison between FlexiSpot Fitness Family: The New Fitness Chair Sit2Go VS. Hot Selling FlexiSpot V9/V9U

09 April 2021

In recent decades, jobs have become increasingly sedentary across the globe, mostly involving prolonged sitting with moderate-intensity physical activity at a minimum. Sitting for long hours can have a significant toll on your well-being. Several studies have established that sitting for several hours a day without proper exercise is linked to health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

Avoiding prolonged sitting cannot be overlooked. Sitting for fewer hours each day or getting active while sitting grandly benefits your health. You not only avoid postural problems such as strained neck, disc damage, and swayed back associated with sitting for long hours but also maintain an active lifestyle keeping you free of health hazards associated with long sitting inactivity such as diabetes, cardiovascular complications, leg disorders, and muscle degeneration.

Luckily, thanks to technological innovation, it’s now possible to incorporate intermittent desk physical exercises through the standard workday, even when sitting. From the new Sit2Go fitness chair to the V9: TikTok Viral desk buy, FlexiSpot has developed low-profile and compact workout accessories to keep office staff active and avert the detrimental effects of prolonged sedentary sitting.

Choosing your favorite FlexiSpot fitness product should depend on several factors, including your health goals, your primary fitness objective, Chair ergonomics, additional features included in the chair, and your office environment. Here, we've compared three FlexiSpot innovative fitness equipment, i.e., Sit2Go: New fitness chair (Coming Soon), Bike Workstation V9, and the Under Desk Bike V9U. This comparison will enable you to choose the right FlexiSpot desk exercise equipment (deskercise) to stay in shape and maintain a healthy body.

Sit2Go fitness chair Vs. Bike Workstation V9 Vs. Under the Desk Bike V9U

Spec/Feature With backrest With desktop No desktop/backrest
Item Weight 20.4kg 34kg 23kg
Seat Height Range 56.9-80cm 75.2-94.2cm 75.2-94.2cm
Weight Capacity 99.8kg 136kg 136kg
Number of Resistance Levels 8 8 8
Price Tag £249.99 £449.99 £399.99
Picture Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair Desk Bike V9 Under Desk Bike V9U

Similarity Analysis

  • Height Adjustable

    Compared to the V9 and the V9U, the Sit2Go fitness chair supports a wider height adjustability range. The seat supports a height adjustability range of 23cm compared to 19cm of both the V9 and V9U. Wider adjustable height range means that the Sit2Go fitness chair is versatile and can fit different heights of desk/table plus it’s suitable for different kinds of people.

    Besides its more comprehensive adjustable height range, the Sit2Go fitness chair has a lower minimum height to fit a regular table without height adjustment, meaning that you can use it as a standard office seat. By supporting a wider adjustable height range, the Sit2Go fitness chair is ergonomic, allowing users to sit with their feet on the floor, thighs in a horizontal position, and arms on the desk. As such, users maintain the right posture and avert the effects of prolonged sitting by exercising at particular instances in the course of their working day.


  • Easy to Move

    The Sit2Go fitness chair, V9, and the V9U come with four durable caster wheels with a 360-degree swivel allowing users to move the bike seamlessly from room to room. However, considering that the Sit2Go chair is lighter than both the V9 and V9U, it's much easier to move across floor areas. It weighs only 99.8kg, while the V9U and V9 both weigh 136kg.


  • Meet both work and exercise needs

    Both the Sit2Go fitness chair and the TikTok Viral Desk Bike V9 equipment meet both work and exercise needs. They all feature a "whisper quiet" pedaling, which is ideal for office and at home while working, watching YouTube/TV, recreational web surfing or listening to music, or even when snacking. Better yet, all the equipment comes with eight resistance levels allowing you to adjust the intensity of the pedaling based on your fitness level.

    The whisper-quiet operation means you cycle quietly and smoothly without bothering those around you. Plus, an LCD display allows you to track distance cycles, time, and calories burned. While the Under Desk Bike V9U also features a 'whisper quiet 'pedaling with eight resistance levels, it's not ideal for working since it lacks a desktop and a backrest. It is suitable for exercising on the go while at home or in the office or can be paired with an adjustable standing desk to meet both work and exercise needs.




Sit2Go is an innovative chair that allows you to stay active during long sedentary sitting sessions. The chair comes with a backrest coupled with a premium build quality with thick cushioning to offer unmatched comfort. The ergonomic design means that you’ll always be comfortable when exercising and handling office tasks. Sitting comfort is further enhanced by the larger seating area and the high-quality breathable mesh backrest.

Sit2Go requires no installation, plus it's highly mobile thanks to the smooth easy-rolling casters, which don't damage the carpet or floor. The chair allows you to adjust the height to match your exact height seamlessly. The intuitive pneumatic adjustment level moved the chair up or down 23cm with just a simple press. Whether you’re 155cm or 188cm, you can comfortably use the chair by adjusting the height.

The chair is essentially an ideal exercise equipment at the office or home. You'll appreciate the whisper-quiet pedaling with eight resistance levels allowing you to adjust the intensity of the exercise based on your fitness goals. The ease of adjustability gives the product increased versatility for users of an expanded age range, from children to the elderly. It also comes with an LCD display allowing you to track time, calories burned, and distance.

  • Wider adjustable seat height range: can fit different heights of desk/table; suitable for different kinds of people; lower minimum height to fit a standard table without height adjustment functions.

  • Comfortable sit experience: high-quality breathable mesh backrest+larger seating area+ super comfortable cushion

  • It's lighter compared to other chairs in its category.

  • Most Cost-Effective

  • Better used with standing desks as an under desk mate.

V9: An All-in-one Workstation 

Desk Bike V9

The Bike Workstation V9 is a genuinely accessible office fitness solution enabling you to stay active as you handle tasks or watch TV. The complete workstation allows you to seamlessly switch between cycling, standing, and sitting in a sedentary environment synonymous with an office. The V9 can function as a desk cycle, sitting desk, and standing desk. The seat is quite comfortable, thanks to the quality cushioning.

Like the Sit2Go chair, V9 comes with whisper-quiet pedaling with eight tension levels adjustable via a dial. The ease of adjustability allows you to shift from light activity to a more robust workout in a breeze. While the seat can be adjusted by height, it moves a shorter distance compared to the Sit2Go fitness chair.

The V9 also comes with an easily moveable spacious desktop with a wide surface to hold your books, laptops, tablet, and more. The four caster wheels are said to be durable and come with a 360-degree swivel allowing users to move the bike easily across the room. The all-in-one workstation is user-friendly and can be assembled in under a minute without using any extra tool.

In essence, the V9 Bike Workstation offers smooth and versatile pedaling and allows users to shift from cycle to standing desks quickly. However, the desktop is not stable enough, and you'll easily notice some shaking.

  • Comes with a spacious desktop thus can be used as an independent workstation anywhere you want.

  • No backrest; therefore, not ideal for a long time sitting.

V9U: Best Standing Desk Mate


The Under Desk Bike V9U is quite similar to the Bike Workstation V9, only that it lacks a moveable, spacious desktop. Both are similar in terms of weight capacity, seat height range, and the number of resistance levels. The desk bike offers good mobility and doesn't require any form of installation or any additional tools or accessories for it to function.

Adjusting the seat’s height is straightforward using the user-friendly pneumatic adjustment lever, which moves the seat up or down with gentle press. The V9U offers superior comfort achieved via the use of premium build quality with dense cushioning.

The whisper-quiet pedaling with eight resistance levels allows you to exercise quietly and smoothly in line with your fitness goals. The LCD informs you of the distance, calories burned, and distance covered to determine whether you’re achieving your fitness goals.

  • Stable and easy to move

  • Easy installation process

  • Narrow adjustable height range: better to use with standing desks as an under desk mate


The right FlexiSpot Product will ensure you remain active while sitting for long hours and avoid the detrimental effect of prolonged sedentary sitting. According to this comparison, Sit2Go could be an excellent option for all your exercising needs. It is super comfortable, has a wider adjustable seat height range, plus it's the most cost-effective of the three. Sit2Go will certainly meet both your work and exercise needs ensuring you stay in great shape and maintain a healthy body despite long sitting hours.